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The recession has hit you where it hurts most – your wallet. It is time to scale down. Your belongings are neatly stacked in boxes and you have returned your keys to your landlord. But where can you find affordable property to let? While you could mull over staying in a hotel, it will probably be cheaper to consider a few unusual (and light-hearted) ideas… First, you might want to consider the legal (boring) options. The easiest route would probably be to ask a friend or family member if they have a couch that you could utilise for a few days. This can be a friendship test. A true friend would immediately offer you his couch free of charge. Family members obviously have a moral duty to supply free accommodation. Book a bed at your nearest backpackers. While sharing a room with a few strangers might not be your idea of ideal lodging, your bank balance will surely be most grateful. Consider going camping. You can borrow a tent from a friend and a stand in a caravan park cost as little as R20 per day. Haven’t found what you’re looking for yet? It might be riskier, but some innovative ideas about “discounted” accommodation may also be considered. Wait till all your colleagues go home and sleep under your desk. Your boss will be delighted that you finally decided to work late. Your car can also be the ideal temporary accommodation solution. It probably has a heater, music player and chairs that can recline already and thus offers a furnished option. What more do you want? Finally a night or two in jail might be your cheapest accommodation option (that is if you’re not a taxpayer). Breakfast is included and it would be almost impossible to find a cheaper property to let. But maybe you should take the safer, traditional route of looking for affordable accommodation on an online property website. With a bit of luck, you might just find property to let at a very affordable price.

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