Expose Your Asset

Expose Your Asset

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Lea Jacobs

Anyone who is serious about selling their home needs to consider putting it on show. If the agent they are dealing with is reluctant to put in the extra hours needed to sell the property then it is perhaps time to move on to someone who is serious about doing their job properly. A show house forms an important part of the overall marketing strategy and there are far more pros than cons to the exercise.

Unfortunately there are sellers who view show days as an intrusive waste of time. Let’s face it, having numerous strangers wandering through your home generally doesn’t appeal to most of us. Apart from the idea that your own personal space is being invaded, the security aspect is often cause for concern.

And to be honest, agents do get it wrong now and again. The buyer tells them exactly what they are looking for and yet the agent drags them from one unsuitable property to the next. Viewing show houses puts the ball firmly in the buyer’s court. If they don’t like the look of a property from the outside, they can drive on by and search for something that has far more appeal.

Of course there are going to be ‘Nosey Parkers’ who just want to have a look around, but surprisingly, these are in the minority and most people who take the time to get into their cars to view properties are keen buyers.

The experts will tell you that having a buyer look at your property when he is in the right frame of mind and is totally relaxed is incredibly important. Trying to view a property after a hard day’s work when everyone is tired is never going to be ideal and the benefits of having someone view a property thoroughly when they aren’t under pressure are immeasurable. First impressions are everything in the world of property and if the buyer approaches the exercise with the right attitude, half of the battle has been won.

Putting a property on show usually forces sellers to take a far more critical view of their home. Very few, if any, are going to showcase an untidy wreck and even if the property does not sell on the show day, the groundwork has been done and will continue to impress those who come to view at a later stage.

The security issue is always going to be a major factor. Sellers however, should remember that agents themselves have become far more security conscious. There are very few agents who will allow large groups of people to wander around the property on their own. Most have strict policies in place and will ask other interested parties to wait outside until they can attend to them personally.

Many sellers believe that the Internet is some sort of magical tool that has replaced the need for show days. While the Internet has changed the way people search for suitable properties very few, if any, are willing to buy a property sight unseen.

The importance of showcasing the home cannot be over emphasised and sellers should ask any agent to provide a detailed marketing plan, including when the property will go on show, before they list the property. There are areas where putting houses on show doesn’t work. Some suburbs have banned on show boards and therefore trying to have an open house is pointless. Other areas, such as inner cities, generally do not attract show house viewers. However, the concept does work - and works very well -in a large number of suburbs around the country.

Although most of us don’t like disruption and no matter how you look at it, putting your house on show is going to be disruptive, it forms an integral part of the selling process and should be regarded as essential when it comes to selling a home.

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