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Buying a property in an unfamiliar area comes with its own set of challenges.Moving home under any circumstances is an extremely stressful operation. The stress levels, however, soar when a person has to relocate to a totally unfamiliar area that they know little or nothing about.Estate agents often paint a rosy picture, but if the new homeowner has not conducted research to establish that the area that they are considering moving to caters for their and their family’s needs, the exercise can become both costly and frustrating.The modern age and the technology that is freely available have made this a far easier process than before. Google Maps for example, give prospective buyers a clear view as to what is situated where within a certain suburb. Forewarned is forearmed and if a buyer knows that he wants his children to attend a certain school, a quick search on the Internet can quickly show which suburbs not only fall directly into the catchment area, but show the proximity to the required learning establishment.One of the best ways to familiarise oneself with an area is to speak to the local community. Getting the news first hand so to speak as to crime levels, amenities as well as sporting and entertainment facilities will often give the new resident a clear idea of what they can expect.Agents often work in specific areas and have a vested interest in selling property in that particular area. In order to avoid investing in what you may eventually consider to be the wrong area, it is often advisable to ask where the agent himself/herself resides. It goes without saying that by the sheer nature of their jobs, agents have all the inside information on the suburbs in any given area. They know which areas achieve the best prices and returns on investments, as well as having a clear indication of supply and demand.As with any property transaction, buyers should never make an uninformed, rushed decision. In today’s market, mistakes can prove costly and getting your ducks in a row by knowing what you want, where you want it and what you can afford will go a long way to ensuring that the decision is one that you never regret.Although emotionality will always play a role, buying a home, based purely on a feel good whim, can come back to bite. Rather than jumping in feet first, buyers who are unacquainted with local conditions should consider renting in the area. Taking a six month sabbatical on a buying decision can prove to be invaluable. Assessing an area while living there can and often does highlight the shortfalls that a particular suburb has. Taking a cold, harsh look at the situation in the light of day will ensure that the buying decision, when it is eventually made, will be the right one.

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