Function Venues at Residential Estates

Function Venues at Residential Estates

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Anna-Marie Smith

The good fortune of a recent glimpse into the pleasant communal offerings at a Pretoria residential estate recently was enough to consider investing into such a lifestyle.

Attending a wedding hosted in the well maintained surroundings of the Boardwalk Meander Estate in Garsfontein, Pretoria brought interesting observations of the benefits these upper to middle class residents enjoy.


The community gardens.

Some of the wonders of those able to utilise perfectly located function venues for special occasions, amid perfectly elegant surroundings came to light. The atmosphere was marvellous, the gardens spectacular. Guests awaited the celebrations in the tranquil surroundings of beautifully manicured gardens, and spacious undercover veranda overlooking an abundance of trees. Caterers enjoyed unobtrusive access between the entertainment areas and secure parking facilities. And although the sound of happy children is music to most ears, the only snag might have been hearing them play in secured, supervised play areas nearby.

It was clear that developers and architects paid special attention to the orientation and provision of optimum comfort levels, both for adults and children in the design of the function venue. And so on this occasion, when entertainment facilities were placed at the disposal of residents, for a nominal rental fee charged by the body corporate, other attending guests marvelled at the beauty of estate living and its benefits. Another talking point illustrated how well spent monthly levies, can result in added value of different kinds. It undoubtedly impacts positively on property prices within an estate, as well as on the marketability of surrounding geographical areas, by attracting prospective buyers to areas where sound development is obvious.

At Boardwalk Meander Estate there are four different clusters of houses that are built around shared communal facilities where leisure activities can be enjoyed, including swimming and tennis. What made perfect sense was seeing the financial savings benefiting property owners, who are possibly unable to afford the splendour of such beautiful gardens, nor their own swimming pools when owning or renting freehold properties.

Residents at this estate pay monthly rentals that usually included levies, due by the owners of such properties. They say although it adds to their rentals compared to paying for a freestanding property in a suburban area, the additional costs are justified. Most rate the security of their families while commuting for business, as well as that of their guests as very important. They say that enjoying professional services such as gardening contractors to maintain the gardens, leaves them free to enjoy less onerous gardenening responsibilities at their homes.

Property sizes and prices at the Boardwalk Meander Estate fall into a broad range, as the estate features large five bedroom French Chateau type villas down to smaller three and two bedroom units, all complete with garages and gardens. Prices of properties for sale here currently vary from R8.8-million for a luxury five bedroom house, down to R3-million for slightly reduced measurements and R1.4-million for a small three bedroom unit, and R1-million for a two bedroom unit.

What a pleasure to enjoy a memorable occasion at one’s private estate function venue.


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