Getting rid of odours in a new home

Getting rid of odours in a new home

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When purchasing a property where the previous owners have either smoked or kept pets indoors, buyers need not be concerned about how the home smells. There are several ways to remove any lingering odours left by the previous homeowners and their pets that do not need to break the budget.

“When viewing a property, my advice to buyers is to remember that most odours are removable unless the scent is coming from outside of the home from sources such as a nearby water treatment plant or industrial area,” explains Regional Director and CEO of RE/MAX of Southern Africa, Adrian Goslett.

To help buyers freshen up the property, RE/MAX of Southern Africa shares a few tips on how to make a house smell like new:

A fresh coat of paint

Smells tend to absorb into the walls. The easiest way to freshen up a space is to repaint the interior rooms of the home. Not only will this remove any yellowing from the tobacco or any scuff marks from pets, but it can also give the room an updated look and feel.

Clean or rip out any carpeting

Most owners will agree to have their carpets professionally cleaned before the buyer moves in. If the smell still lingers, homeowners could arrange to have the carpets cleaned themselves. For those who are low on budget, there are thousands of DIY carpet cleaning hacks online for those who are brave enough to try this themselves. If this does not help, homeowners will have to replace the carpet to remove the smell.

Deep clean the cabinets

If the previous owner smoked in every room of the house or kept pet items in the built-ins, then homeowners should give all cupboards and drawers a thorough wipe down with dishwashing liquid and warm water. Bleach can be used on tough stains, and a quick wipe with some furniture polish can prevent future stains. For lingering smells, leave a small dish of vanilla essence in the cupboard to draw out the odour. In clothing or laundry cabinets, scented soaps or laundry sheets can also do the trick.

Introduce scented products

In the first few months of living in a new home, homeowners might want to use some scented products to replace the memories of lingering odours with more pleasant ones. Scented candles, scent diffusers and automatic air fresheners set to a timer can all help contribute towards a pleasant-smelling environment.

“Finding a home within your budget and your preferred location can be tricky. If you have found your dream home, do not allow odours left by the previous owners deter you from making an offer,” concludes Goslett.

Writer : Kayla Cloete


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