Grantleigh School

Grantleigh School

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Originally opened on the Mposa farm of founders Fred and Renette Grant in 1996, Grantleigh School has moved markedly from strength to strength to become a full-fledged and well-recognised independent school. Currently catering for learners from Grade RRR to Matric, the exponential growth of the school bears testament to its fine ethos and superior standard of education. The country setting provides the ideal environment for learning in modern times – away from the rush of city living. Grantleigh offers a boarding establishment to a total of thirty six learners, equally divided between boys and girls. As a result of the small size, the boarding establishment is a proudly intimate facility, as close to a home experience as possible. With custom-built cottages for the boys and the old farmhouse as the residence for the girls, the boarding establishment has structured study times, as well as providing the infrastructure for play and interaction within the “family” – giving an unparalleled sense of fun and camaraderie.One of the central endeavours of the school is to enhance the talents and develop the skills of each learner as an individual. This assists them in embracing differences, and promotes an enthusiasm for learning and a desire to gain more knowledge wherever possible. As part of this rationale, there is a keen focus on the real relationships between staff and pupils, making the learners feel more comfortable in fully engaging in their learning experiences and their own education and development. At all levels within Grantleigh School, learners undergo thorough preparation for subsequent levels of study, as well as developing all of the necessary life skills to become a well-rounded and content individual within the school environment as well as in all of their future endeavours. This is done in an atmosphere of caring, integrity and empathy. The school’s qualified and experienced teachers are kept up to date with the latest in teaching methods and innovations, maintaining the highest standard of education, adapting to an ever-changing world. Based on Christian principles, Grantleigh strives to impress upon its learners the importance of giving to those less fortunate than themselves and to make a difference as and when they can. This is achieved through a variety of outreach programmes conducted by the school. Different programmes are run for the different age groups and range across a variety of causes. The school also operates with a culture of sensitivity towards the environment, which is often the topic of outings and excursions, aimed at raising awareness. In addition to the premier academic facilities available at Grantleigh School, it recognises the importance of the development of physical skills on the sports field. Following the Long Term Athlete Development Programme, Grantleigh strives to develop a lifelong commitment to physical wellness and all of the benefits, both mental and physical, that go along with such a lifestyle choice. On the co-curricular calendar, there are also a variety of cultural activities, as well as societies and clubs, which all complement the academic lives of the learners and contribute to the holistic education of the children involved.


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