HeronBridge College – Welcome to our Lifestyle

HeronBridge College – Welcome to our Lifestyle

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HeronBridge College is an independent school located in the heart of prime development in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg at the confluence of the Jukskei Rivers.

Located on a beautiful campus with architecturally-designed buildings and resplendent views of greenery and the river, HeronBridge College is a dynamic school founded on Christian principles. The primary focus of the school is to provide a well-rounded education that nurtures every facet of its learners. HeronBridge caters for pre-primary through to college level education to give every child the grounding they need to capably face the challenges and responsibilities of modern society with integrity.

In the classroom, teachers offer individual attention as they provide guidance in a curriculum that is current, creative and relevant. At the pre-preparatory level, learners engage in lessons through play – a system through which a number of invaluable learning experiences are conveyed in a lasting and enjoyable manner. Good study habits are further cultivated through their years in the preparatory school through a static approach that caters for changing educational requirements. The spiritual lives of learners are nurtured through integrated Bible study and devotion – an element of their school years that will fashion their characters. During the College phase, learners are prepared for the final IEB examinations. These are some of the most pivotal years in terms of direction for HeronBridge learners, and the full development of these young adults is the focus of dedicated educators.

The sporting and cultural facilities at HeronBridge College cater for the physical enrichment of the learners at the school. These activities are notably diverse and are divided to accommodate the varying age groups. The extra-mural calendar at the school is designed to thoroughly enhance the classroom experience. Sport allows for the physical potential of learners to be sustained and endows every individual with a keen sense of team play, discipline and commitment. Sport, as a part of the school’s philosophy, has grown immensely over the years, which is indicative of the positive attitudes of the participants. A range of sporting achievements have been earned by HeronBridge sports men and women, and they compete in a number of national inter-school events with competence and a good spirit.

The accomplishments of HeronBridge in the cultural sphere are as commendable. The high school puts on major production every year – a top notch drama production that will tour in 2012. In addition to this, the public speaking and debating teams have won many regional trophies and national awards. The school as a whole has won the Best School in the Region for the National Eisteddfod for the past few years and plans to hold on to this title in the foreseeable future.

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