Highbury Preparatory School

Highbury Preparatory School

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Claire Fraser

Located in Hillcrest, thirty kilometres west of Durban’s city centre, Highbury Preparatory School is an independent boys’ primary school resting on a beautiful eleven hectare campus. On the same property, the school also caters for pre-primary co-ed learners at the Weavers’ Nest Pre-Primary School. With exquisite buildings and its expansive grounds, Highbury creates an ideal, safe setting for a happy and interactive learning experience.Founded in 1903, the school has a proud history that has been carried over to current times, encompassing Christian principles and a focus on scholastic excellence, as well as offering the highest quality academic, cultural and sporting facilities. Steeped in tradition, Highbury is also a twenty first century school, aimed at creating an environment conducive to each of its learners achieving his personal best. Ultimately, the greatest outcome is for all learners to be fully equipped with all of the necessary skills and values for the world in which they are set to live and learn. These skills are underpinned by a sense of responsibility and respect for themselves and others, both in learning and in their everyday lives. The Senior Primary at Highbury is intent on preparation to the learners’ graduation to the next level of study, High School. This is done through concentrated classroom methodology designed to fine-tune the pupils’ individual learning styles and identify any areas where special needs have to be met. In the Senior School, there is a focus on high school preparation within the curriculum, as well as involving the boys in leadership activities. Highbury have a Learning and Discovery Centre (LAD) on campus, a dedicated Centre for the support and enrichment of pupils with learning difficulties. Facilities available are Remedial therapy, Speech and Language therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Maths and language specialists.As part of the personal development of the learners, the school runs a number of social responsibility programmes to impress upon them the importance of a sense of community and being a responsible citizen. Amongst the social responsibility programmes, Highbury is operating a Going Green project in an attempt to minimise its carbon footprint. This includes recycling, fundraising and involvement in a number of subsidiary projects worthy of the boys’ attention, such as the Save the Rhino initiative. One of the primary social responsibility programmes currently underway is the three-way community project between Highbury, Mablins Lane Community School in Crewe near Manchester and Ndlokolo Primary School in Inanda Valley. In the course of this project, the more privileged schools undertake to help the less privileged through a partnership system. The partnership between the UK and South African schools brings an international and multi-cultural element to the curriculum, and the boys at Highbury assist Ndlokolo School in any way they can as a part of the project.In addition to the rich academic calendar, Highbury offers a huge range of extra-curricular activities,including sixteen sports with a number of fixtures on the agenda, music and drama. With an alumni of South African sporting representatives in a number of sports, as well as current students excelling in sports on both provincial and national levels, Highbury boys are a formidable opponent on the sportsfield.


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