How Green Landlords Attract Smart Tenants

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Anna-Marie Smith

Eco-conscious landlords attract high grade, likeminded, responsible tenants, from large listed commercial companies to individual residential property owners. By the time astute investors rent out property, in addition to potential long term capital growth on their assets, they realise tenant stability to be pivotal in calculating the risks associated with potential losses. Higher grade tenants reduce several risk factors, including non-payment, high maintenance costs, and high tenant turnover.

When value systems, such as environmental responsibility are shared, tenants see landlords as more amenable to facilitate the means with which to slash utility bills. And, in return for recognition of their environmental consciousness, tenants not yet able to own property, show an inclination to treat rentals as if it were their own homes. So says a couple of green minded Cape Town property, owners responsible for managing a tenant mix of apartment dwellers, private estate residents, and occupants of free standing properties.

They view the passing on of savings resulting from reduced energy consumption to tenants, while reducing CO2 emissions into the environment, as invaluable when considering the associated financial, health and educational benefits. They say, in addition to installing energy saving measures for long term investment value, suggestions by green tenants to preserve and reduce energy consumption have led to innovative concessions. Such as when high grade tenants, a modern family educating young children on matters environmental, requested the provision for secure bicycle storage and an indoor washing line. In addition to improving the value of their property, by facilitating reduced fuel and energy costs, the owner improved a family’s cash flow while reducing carbon emissions.

Green landlords see long term benefits:

Higher grade tenants

Eskom rebates for financial savings by upgrading and retrofitting of energy saving devices

Increased property values

Positive impact on local communities and environment

Improved tenant cash flow from reduced running costs for regular rental payments

Insurance excesses are minimised

Tenants benefit from optimum energy efficiency

Reduced service charges

Improved occupant health

Improved cash flow

Reduced carbon emissions into the environment

Property maintenance programs can be used as opportunities to reduce, renew, and recycle.

Green tips to attract smart renters.

Natural lighting - security gates enable natural light through open doors

Passive ventilation – functional windows and doors reduce use of fans, air conditioners

Insulation – reduces heating and cooling costs

Solar water heating systems – when electrical geysers need replacement

Water consumption – check plumbing, leaks, consider installing indoor water metres

Rainwater harvesting – catchment areas for tenants wishing to buy portable water tanks

Low energy light fittings – new technology energy saving bulbs, sensors, dimmers, timers

Low energy heating equipment – solar systems, wood fire stoves, energy saving technology

Low energy electrical appliances – when replacing consider gas, solar panels

Recycling - storage space reduces plastic, glass and aluminium going to landfills

Passive shading – planted pergolas provide summer shade and winter insulation

Bicycle storage – reduces fuel costs, carbon emissions

Indoor washing lines – reduces energy consumption and utility bills

Re-use of existing materials – recycle old window frames, doors, steel, plastic, bricks and tyres

Consider the positive impacts, financial and environmental, when green landlords enable high grade tenants to practise low carbon emissions through maximum energy efficiency.

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