Kroonstad is the Crowning Glory

Kroonstad is the Crowning Glory

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Lea Jacobs

Lightstone statistics reveal that property prices in Kroonstad in the Free State are on the rise thus far in 2012. Arguably one of the province’s loveliest towns and set on the banks of the Vals River, Kroonstad is the Free State’s second largest urban centre. Established in 1855, Kroonstad was the first town to be established after the independence of the Orange Free State and subsequently became the site of a large British concentration camp. At the turn of the twentieth century, the town was briefly inaugurated as the Boer capital of the then Orange Free State.

The surrounding farms have played a pivotal role in the production of wheat, maize, dairy, meat and wool in South Africa. A mere two hour drive from Johannesburg and situated along the main railway junction between the city of gold and the mother city - Cape Town - this rich agricultural region has always had a lot to offer.

Property sales in the town are impressive. With 11 suburbs and a central business district, the region recorded a total of 200 sales in 2011. The suburbs which recorded the highest volume of sales in the last 12 month period were Kroonheuwel with 29 transfers and Suidrand with 39. In Kroonheuwel, the average price paid for a freehold property in 2011 was R364 000 and the sectional title average in the same suburb during that period was R314 000.

Property in Suidrand on the other hand commanded higher prices across the board. The price average attained for a sectional title unit in 2011 was R875 000 with the freehold average coming in at R491 000. Freehold sales so far in 2012 seem to be off to a flying start, as the statistics reveal a price average of R612 000, an increase of just under 40 percent.

This aesthetically pleasing town is easy on the eye and reflects a rich and varied history. As such, important features include a museum, historical buildings and national monuments. Tourists are spoilt for choice, with a plethora of water sport activities and fly fishing available in the Vals River or the nearby Bloemshoek Dam. Horse riding, gliding, hiking or a round of golf at the Kroonstad Country Club are among the other activities that can be enjoyed.


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