Laerskool Randhart – We Believe

Laerskool Randhart – We Believe

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Laerskool Randhart is an Afrikaans school providing superior education to learners. The school provides the highest level of age-appropriate skills development for all of its students to get a thorough educational grounding to prepare them for high school and beyond. Academic achievement is commended through rewarding the top ten learners in each grade as well as the top five learners in each class being announced at the end of each term.

The full potential of each learner is assessed and nurtured by qualified teachers through the Kids Development Academy, with a keen focus on the emotional, physical and social spheres of each individual. The rich curriculum of the school is enhanced by its top-class facilities, including a computer centre, a modern media centre, the Help Centre and the Enrichment Centre. The Help Centre is available to learners who are experiencing any problems with learning, and a team of therapists are on hand to give learners the best advice and guidance on overcoming any difficulties as they arise. The Enrichment Centre is available to the top thirty learners in Grades 4 to 7, and offers expert tuition in subjects to help them to achieve their best.

Laerskool Randhart also has premium offerings in terms of sport. Their facilities give learners the ability to participate in a host of sporting activities, and the school is proud to be involved in the Super 12 Competition, where learners can showcase their abilities amongst the other best ranked schools in the region.

There is a strong focus on the importance of culture within the extra-mural calendar, and this is supported by a number of cultural activities on offer to the learners at Laerskool Randhart. This includes music, the arts, general knowledge, public speaking and bible study. A number of concerts and quizzes are arranged by the school, and are always put on to the enjoyment of audiences.

In addition to this, Laerskool Randhart is very active in the community for doing good and helping those in need. The school runs a number of projects throughout the year, most of which provide food, funding, clothing and general aid to those less fortunate.

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