Let Them Grow – The Secret to Developing Your Child’s Potential

Let Them Grow – The Secret to Developing Your Child’s Potential

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Claire Fraser

Located in Northcliff, Let Them Grow Private Baby Day Care Centre offers education and care in a nurturing environment that is safe and fun.

Catering for children from birth to Grade R, Let Them Grow is a stimulating day care facility under the watchful care of its caring staff. Constant supervision and unerring high standards translate into happy children that look forward to going to Let Them Grow every day. Feedback from parents is a telling indicator of the success of the centre, and the satisfaction of the families that are affiliated with it.

A number of educational skills are developed by the professional and motivated staff members. These include social, physical and emotional development that give every child a thorough grounding for Grade R and formal schooling; all of which gives them the upper hand in all of their scholastic endeavours.

Central to these skills is the ability to communicate, interact, build confidence and become independent. All of these developments take place in the centre’s premium facilities, all of which are safe and fun areas conducive to learning. This includes a garden park, scooter race course, tennis court and sand pit. The activities on offer are stimulating and centred around the child’s desire to play. Many of these are outdoor activities, which develops healthy habits in the children at Let Them Grow. The activities include art, music, playground activities and ball skills, movie club, baking and gardening. This includes the development of pivotal hand, eye and feet co-ordination and motor skills. The safety of all of the children is ensured by the presence of top class security features.

An important part of every day is meal times. Let Them Grow is committed to providing well-balanced and nutritional meals, suited to most diets, and consisting of fresh fruit and vegetables. Purified water, rooibos and fruit juices are also on offer to sustain even the most active children.

Parents can have total peace of mind during the day, in the knowledge that all of the needs of their children are being met at Let Them Grow. The foundation offered to children by the centre will impress parents, and give them increased ease at leaving their children for the day in a place that will guarantee the best for their little ones at an important phase in their development.

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