Ligbron Academy of Technology - Deeds, Not Words

Ligbron Academy of Technology - Deeds, Not Words

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Claire Fraser

Intent on the creation of technical and scientific leaders, Ligbron Academy of Technology in Ermelo gives learners the means to change the world through a unique education.

Based upon a Christian ethos, Ligbron Academy is a school where a moral education is given the same importance as the academic, technological, sporting and cultural elements offered to learners. As a result of this, Ligbron is a happy school where the diversity of learners is embraced, and a culture of discipline is nurtured. Instruction is offered in English and Afrikaans, and standards of excellence prevail within the school. Hostel facilities are also made available as a home-from-home setting for learners from further afield.

In serving the best interest of its learners, Ligbron educators participate in congresses and world technology shows to ensure that they offer an updated, relevant education. A dedication to providing a number of opportunities means that Ligbron learners are developed into confident, strong-willed individuals. They are taught to put their talents to the greatest use, and are given an outlook of commitment and passion for their various undertakings. Over and above this, Ligbron prides itself on its uniqueness within the school arena. A system of collaborative learning in a class environment that is wholly conducive to the development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills gives learners the cutting edge when it comes to study and accomplishment. In addition to this, Ligbron is one of the few SMART schools in the world, where the use of interactive white boards enriches the curriculum and the use of technology in the classroom is a major selling point of the school.

At Ligbron Academy, the technological curriculum is offered in addition to the full technological syllabus. The high level of instruction is evident in the high ranking of Ligbron learners in terms of Matric results each year. Subject choices are made through thorough evaluation of each learner in terms of aptitude, ability and personal interest. Throughout their school years, learners at Ligbron Academy are offered solid guidance in the pursuit of their goals, to give them the motivation and ability to make their dreams a reality. Technologically, the school has the facilities available to give learners exemplary benefit in this area. Video conferencing, digital sound and visual equipment, an extensive network of computers with internet access and the advanced SMART system are some of the features that make learning in the Ligbron environment an atmosphere that creates technological leaders.

An extension of these technological facilities allows Ligbron to facilitate the e-Learning Project, whereby Maths and Science lessons are transmitted to disadvantaged, rural schools as part of Ligbon’s social responsibility initiatives. Learners at these rural, disadvantage and underperforming schools benefit remarkably from the programme, and Matric results from these schools are steadily rising as a result of Ligbron’s efforts.

The sporting and cultural life at Ligbron Academy is rich in its diversity and, as such, is approached with enthusiasm by learners and teachers alike. These activities are important in the whole development of learners, giving them a number of skills and values that translate into well-balanced characters. Ligbron’s high standards extend beyond the classroom to have a telling effect on these activities. Culturally and on the sports field, Ligbron learners have attained a number of achievements, and display high quality performance in all of their endeavours.


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