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Intent on providing children with a lasting love of learning, Little Bean Early Learning Centre provides a foundation upon which further learning can be undertaken successfully. This is achieved through teaching skills that entrench the required skills, concepts and knowledge. There is a particular focus on the individual potential and achievement through focused attention to each child, and children between the ages of two years and Grade 0 stand to derive notable benefit from their time at Little Bean.

Teachers at Little Bean are qualified and experienced, using tools that undergo constant improvement, ensuring that children play on the latest equipment, with new books and toys that will aid in their development to meet the highest standards. The happy, friendly environment, designed to be as close to a sense of home as possible, is a place where children will feel comfortable making friends and interacting with teachers. There is a concentration on social development, which helps with skills such as sharing and working as a team. This element of their early education will also have all-encompassing advantages that will cover the other learning areas.

Little Bean Early Learning Centre knows how hard many parents work. As such, Little Bean is open during the school holidays and closes only in mid-December for annual leave. The year-end holiday programme and after care services are the greatest assurance of your child’s safety and happiness when parents are at work.

There are also a range of extra-mural activities on offer at the school, aimed at unveiling talent and further assisting in your child’s development. Music is compulsory, while art-, physical- and technology-based activities are also available.

Class time of learners at Little Bean is complemented by educational, informative and fun outings and events that give lessons practical application. These teach life skills, raise funds for worthy causes, inform and enthral.

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