Little Farmyard Pre-Primary School – Committed to Excellence

Little Farmyard Pre-Primary School – Committed to Excellence

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Claire Fraser

Little Farmyard is a private, unique, open-air pre-primary school in Noordheuwel, Krugersdorp dedicated to the general well-being and education of children.

At Little Farmyard, the well-trained educators are dedicated to the balanced development of children, ensuring their mental, emotional, physical and intellectual progress in a social environment. The school operates under a Christian ethos that is inter-denominational, instilling children with a keen sense of respect and morality.

Learning takes place in spacious classrooms and on the large playground with beautiful gardens. All of the areas of the campus are stocked with equipment that are fun and educational, and will keep children amused. All activities are overseen and co-ordinated by the school’s well-trained teachers.

Little Farmyard’s curriculum ensures that class time is enriching and stimulating; giving children all of the necessary faculties to prepare them for their future education. This includes numeracy and literacy, as well as art, culture and music, movement, auditory and visual development, and development of motor skills. Free play is also incorporated into the children’s day, giving them an opportunity to learn through discovery.

Little Farmyard’s programme is enhanced through their extra-mural offerings. These include computer classes, gymnastics, arts and crafts, rugby, ballet, Playball, Monkeynastix, Jolly Phonics and Creative Grow.

Every element of the school lives of children at Little Farmyard is designed to give them an advantage in terms of development and ability. The school’s atmosphere generates excitement over learning, and instils confidence and a positive approach to learning – a range of skills and an attitude that will underpin the success of all learners at Little Farmyard.


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