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Claire Fraser

Montessori Country Kids is located in scenic Hartebeespoort, and creates a natural learning environment for children to excel.

Close to a dam, and with beautiful views and a tranquil setting, Montessori Country Kids is a real country school with a lot of places for little ones to explore. The school has a vegetable garden, and children frequently visit the surrounding countryside on trips and walks, where they can learn about nature – a treasured part of the school environment.

Montessori Country Kids is a small school, creating an intimate atmosphere for learning. However, space is dedicated to the large reading and library area, as well as an art area, where learners are encouraged to be as creative as possible. Education at the school is pure and natural, giving children a happy foundation for a positive and motivated outlook on learning. Children are given guidance in developing independence in the classroom; enabling them to be successful in self-study activities, which are fundamental skills in the learners they are to become.

The school acknowledges the unique, individual talents, needs and interests of every individual. Founded upon respect, all interactions that take place in the school environment are affirming and play a pivotal role in the happy atmosphere of the school. Freedom is balanced by responsibility, and it is against this backdrop that learning can take place through creativity and exploration, with the right of every child to learn nurtured and upheld.

As a relatively new school, Montessori Country Kids children have been very well-received at primary schools and have done very well in their classes; with the school receiving many comments praising the well-rounded and knowledgeable young learners who have the makings of great students. Montessori Country Kids gives all children at the school a grounding in maths, language, art, biology and writing.

Montessori Country Kids offers a number of additional activities including music, movement, ball skills, yoga and courtesy classes within the core curriculum. These are group activities within the daily programme and children love to participate.

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