Morning Star Montessori School – Joy in Learning and Living

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Morning Star is a well-established nursery school in Pretoria, and is a founding member of the Southern African Montessori Association.

Based on the authentic principles of the international Montessori system, Morning Star offers children a balanced education, whilst attributing recognition of the different levels of development and individual talents of each child. The stimulating environment and range of activities are designed to develop lasting foundations for discovery, creativity and learning.

In keeping with the Montessori system, Morning Star gives children a real sense of responsibility, respect, problem-solving skills and the motivation to nurture healthy attitudes to learning. Classes consist of a mixed age group, and children are given the independence and discipline to utilise the curriculum material to the greatest benefit. The Montessori Method is complemented by a thorough movement programme from “Move to Learn, Learn to Move.”

The staff and parents work collaboratively to help children achieve at their best. Morning Star has an inclusive policy in terms of enrolment, with children being taught respect for diversity of religion, culture, language and other differences. The school is English-medium, although educators can speak a number of languages and second language children leave the school with a thorough grasp of the English language.

Morning Star offers five learning areas, and a playground with a vegetable garden. The different classes are allocated according to the age-related developmental levels of the children at the school. Each level focuses on specific skills and growth areas. There is also a stimulating outdoor environment, where children are given the freedom to play, construct and create. In all learning areas, teachers offer quiet guidance and observe all that happens in their classes. This is possible through the prevalence of small classes.

Morning Star prides itself on providing a happy environment for its children. Their school days are busy with activities, and they learn through play. Parents can also be assured of the safety of their little ones while they are under the care of the school, and the staff provide nutritious, high quality cooked food and optional after care facilities to ensure their well-being.

The extra-mural activities on offer at Morning Star Montessori School are to offer specialist education to complement the curriculum on offer at the school , and include sport and cultural disciplines.

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