Oatlands Preparatory School – The Best Preparation for a Meaningful School Career

Oatlands Preparatory School – The Best Preparation for a Meaningful School Career

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Very much a part of the history of Grahamstown, Oatlands Preparatory School strives to provide a thorough grounding for all learners.

Catering for Grade R to Grade 3, Oatlands has built itself a reputation as a school founded upon excellence. Academically, learners are given top instruction by qualified, experienced teachers intent on providing the best foundation for every member of their class. The teaching methods used at the school ensure that the learners are given numeracy, literacy and life skills that will aid them in their future academic lives. The attitudes towards learning that are developed at this pivotal level of education are retained by learners beyond the school walls. This, in addition to knowledge and skills, translates into success at higher level education. In Grade 3, the curriculum at Oatlands is extended to incorporate cooking, knitting and first aid for the enjoyment of all participants.

Learners from Grades 1 to 3 are given instruction in computers. These skills are imperative in the modern world, and their early exposure to computers will give them the upper hand in their futures. Computer lessons fortify the lessons that take place in the classroom, and have become a fundamental tool of instruction.

Certain facets of the curriculum at Oatlands are unique in their application within the school. Music, for instance, is taught to all learners together with singing and movement. The annual Oatlands Play is a platform for the talent of every learner at the school, and is an evening of poetry, dance, music and theatre that is enjoyed by all involved. This helps learners to build confidence and, together with opportunities for Public Speaking development, instils in them numerous benefits that will stand them in good stead. Art is also a notably prolific part of the curriculum and, with learners’ art being commended at the Bathurst Show Art Competition, it is a well-recognised form of expression within the school. For those children who need extra help, assistance is provided by a qualified and caring volunteer teacher on an individual basis.

Outside of the classroom, many of the lessons are reinforced through regular excursions. In addition to this, Grade 2 and 3 learners are given the opportunity to participate in a range of clubs on Wednesday afternoons. Here, learners play cards, chess and games that enhance their cognitive and social skills. Oatlands participates in various fundraising initiatives for local charities.

With the assistance of coaches from Rhodes University, learners at Oatlands are exposed to a range of sporting activities. As a result of the fine guidance in this regard, learners are given the necessary skills to become proficient sportsmen and women.

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