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Founded in 2008, O’Summit Montessori is housed in the old O’Summit Farmhouse on grounds that boast large gardens and the shade of jacaranda trees. The country atmosphere is a peaceful hub of learning that is conveniently near to Sandton.

In keeping with the Montessori philosophy, the space is divided up into well-equipped learning areas – the ideal setting for child-led learning. Qualified Montessorian teaching staff oversee the activities enjoyed by little ones and offer guidance, care and support as they explore and absorb knowledge.

There are three different areas at O’Summit Montessori – toddlers (two to three years old), pre-school (three to six years old) and primary (six to nine years old and nine to twelve years old). The school is a multi-cultural community of children where the Montessori method produces well-rounded, capable and self-disciplined children. Individualised learning is complemented by an optimal teacher to child ratio, as well as a parent body who is fully in support of the benefits of Montessori learning.

At O’Summit Montessori, children cover the GED curriculum and are given limitless additional opportunities to learn and explore. They are encouraged to find out more about the world and all of its elements. They are invited to go into great depth and detail on the topics that interest them the most, allowing them to fine tune their strengths from an early age. Montessori education is proudly holistic – educating the whole child, and giving them a thorough foundation upon which to approach their future academic lives. The system at O’Summit also nurtures positive attitudes towards learning, as well as confidence, discipline, independence, courtesy and collaborative skills.

In addition to the enriching school days on offer at O’Summit Montessori, the school has arranged for a selection of extra-mural activities to further enhance the learning experience at the school. These activities include Soccer Starz, Future Golfers, Gymkidz, Kindermusik, karate and ballet.

There are a number of exciting events for the O’Summit family to look forward to during the course of the school year. These include outings, braais and concerts to name a few, and build a strong sense of community within the school.

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