Pridwin Preparatory School – His Future is Our Future

Pridwin Preparatory School – His Future is Our Future

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With a marked sense of tradition that underscores important modern developments, Pridwin Preparatory School in Melrose, Johannesburg has established itself as one of the top schools for the education of boys in South Africa.

Unfaltering in its dedication to the comprehensive education of every one of its boys, Pridwin School has struck the ideal balance between a modern, evolving world and the traditions and values upon which the school was founded. In keeping with this, the school is constantly upgrading its facilities and offerings to give its learners every opportunity to make the most of their schooling and develop a thorough grounding for their futures. This is a small, independent school, with only 370 pupils from Grades 0 to 7, which ensures individual attention for every learner.

The non-denominational Christian values that play a fundamental role in the daily running of the school aid in the development of young men of distinction. These values translate into the creation of responsible, well-rounded, independent leaders and thinkers, all of whom have a notable moral compass, and are capable and positive in their interactions and endeavours.

From Grade 0 to 3, emphasis is placed on numeracy, literacy and life skills and these retain their focus as the boys progress through the years. At this foundation level, Grade 7 boys also perform a mentorship role to the younger members of the school through the Big Brother Programme. Academically, the highly qualified and dedicated educators at Pridwin discern the potential of each boy, and nurture this throughout their schooling through encouragement and guidance. Education at the school is skills-based, and is supplemented by tours and outings that enhance what is taught in the classroom. In addition to this, the school has specialist teachers in Physical Education, Computers, Music, Zulu, Afrikaans and French – a relatively unique subject at prep school level. In terms of resources and further skills development, the boys at Pridwin also have access to three state-of-the-art computer centres, as well as the media centre.

Pridwin School has recently acquired a bank of iPads for use in the classroom. Teachers have undergone training with Apple, and are incorporating this technology into their lessons, which has added dynamism to many classes.

Pridwin Preparatory School offers an extended day for Senior Primary boys, whereby they stay until 4:30 in the afternoon, during which they have a hot lunch, undergo supervised homework, and participate in compulsory sporting activities. Extra-curricular time is spent constructively, with a number of sporting and cultural activities on offer. Culturally, the boys are offered music, art, chess, drama and environmental club. The art and drama exhibitions and productions are a showcase of the immense talent within the school, while the Environmental Club are active in building awareness and getting involved in a number of initiatives. The school has a particularly active music department, and boys are offered private tuition in a number of Western and African instruments. The musicality of the school finds expression through the Jazz and Rock Band, and through the Junior and Senior Choirs. In addition to this, the sportsmen at Pridwin excel in a number of fields. Every boy is part of a team and is involved in matches that are a fine test of their skills in a fun environment. As a result of this sporting ethos, the sports teams are formidable opponents in competitions on all levels.

Further values are instilled in the boys at Pridwin through the social responsibility initiatives that are on-going within the school. Grade 7s select a charity each term, and are pro-active in raising funds and collecting donations in a variety of forms in aid of these. In addition to these programmes, Pridwin has partnered with St Vincent’s School for the Deaf, which is located next door to the school and is in an apt location to share facilities and encourage interaction between the pupils of both schools. In addition to this, the boys from Pridwin are active in the raising of funds for much-needed improvements at St Vincent’s.

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