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As AA Autobay moves into its second year, it has become one of the fastest

growing online car market platforms in South Africa. Its unique workings make it

stand out in the pre-owned market by offering a complete package in a

hassle-free, risk-free and cost-effective environment. There are public concerns

over the general safety of private pre-owned vehicles, as well as the potential

link to crime, however AA Autobay offers an array of benefits to its buying and

selling market.

Registered website users have access to AA vehicle-inspection reports, which

verifies that the pre-owned car is not stolen or rebuilt. Before a test drive is

carried out, the potential buyer is screened and credit checked. The safety of

both the buyer and seller are of great concern to the company, and all test

drives are directly set up by AA Autobay at one of our branches in a secure

environment. All cars are AA Test and Drive-inspected, further reducing the risk

of buying a pre-owned car privately. Included in the deal is a 90-day AA

mechanical breakdown warranty on any vehicle 8 years and younger, giving buyers

further peace of mind.

Some of the great tools on the website include an affordability calculator and a

vehicle price guide, enabling you to compare the AA Autobay price and general

trade price of your vehicle. It also provides a great tool to check the pricing

of cars listed on the website.

Once a sale is being finalised, all the paperwork on behalf of both buyer and

seller is handled by AA Autobay. Because it functions as a facilitator rather

than a dealer, it cuts out the high dealer mark-ups as well as commission. AA

Autobay only charges a flat facilitation fee of 2.5% for both buyer and sellers,

excluding the license and registration cost, (which we can handle as well)

ensuring the best deal in the country.

Most of the motoring public has to rely on trading-in their vehicles to motor

dealerships. With vehicles not selling as quickly as they used to, dealers also

need to compensate for the holding cost of the vehicle. Thus, many sellers are

being offered less than what the vehicle is worth – in some cases, up to 30%

lower than book value.

AA Autobay consumers get a better deal. They don’t take ownership of the vehicle

and therefore don’t have any holding costs to pass onto the buyer. According to

AA Autobay, its buyers and sellers are realizing a minimum of 7 to 10% more

value on vehicles traded through the web-based business.

Additional services provided by AA Autobay include a host of financing and

insurance options through AA Finance and AA insurance respectively, as well as

all the paperwork through AA License and Registration. Unlike many banks, AA

Finance will finance a vehicle 8 years or younger, as they are reassured of the

condition of the vehicle through the AA inspections. Like other institutions,

they look to complete the service offering by providing motor service plans,

tyre cover, credit shortfall and AA mechanical breakdown cover options, to name

a few.

As a private buyer or seller, you can feel more comfortable in the private

buying market with AA Autobay. Visit []( or call 0861 22 22 29.

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