Pro Arte Alphen Park – Unlock Your Potential

Pro Arte Alphen Park – Unlock Your Potential

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Claire Fraser

Pro Arte Alphen Park is a school for the “out of the box”, creative and talented individual. The individual’s own talent is shaped by the school so that he or she may reach their full potential. The school boasts a matric pass rate of 100% for 15 years. In 2010, 82.7% of the matriculants passed with university exemption.

Pro Arte Alphen Park is a dual-medium focus school in Gauteng. The school operates within a Christian ethos, and this values-based education is wholly inclusive. With a selection of focus areas covering the Arts, Enterprise Management and Hospitality Studies, children with potential in these areas can become part of this unique system to hone talent and give them the edge in their respective fields. Pro Arte acts as a conduit to success for these areas, and specialised teaching ensures the highest calibre of performance in terms of learners’ abilities within their selected fields. This training takes place in addition to top quality academic instruction – something that is evident through the stellar matric results each year. Lessons across all subjects are taught by a team of qualified, dynamic and innovative educators who endow learners with all the faculties to work independently and reach their goals.

In respect of the specialist areas, learners are faced with the choice of Visual Art, Dance Studies, Dramatic Arts, Music, Enterprise Management and Hospitality Studies. The school hosts all of these subjects amidst the finest facilities. Upon enrolment, learners undergo an audition in their chosen area and their subsequent school days are filled with the enrichment and broad variety of skills inherent in every activity. The result is that every learner receives a balanced, meaningful education and emerges from the school as confident, competent adults with a strong moral grounding.

Each year, a number of Pro Arte pupils are hailed for their accomplishments; both internally and via external evaluation. The school has seen many of its learners be selected to perform in the Simfonia Juventi – a youth orchestra comprising musicians from around the country. Pro Arte Alphen Park is also a founding member of the Tshwane Youth Festival, which runs for two weeks, and sees participants from around Gauteng. This well-recognised annual event plays an important role in promoting the Arts within schools, and is a showcase of talent in the region. In addition to this, the school’s Hospitality Department introduced a district competition that has grown in size immensely since its first year of operation.

Well-known actress, Survivor SA participant and owner of the Hanna Charity and Empowerment Foundation, Hanna Grobler, says: “It's an honour to be chosen as a pupil for Pro Arte Alphen Park; this school changed my life! My education at this prestigious school gave me the self-confidence to be an individual. It gave me the opportunity to specialise in the specific talents the Lord gave me and, at the same time, taught me the people skills I still use today. Pro Arte Alphen Park understood my creative mind, and gave me the freedom within structure to grow into the successful person I am today!”

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