Property, Social Media, Pins and Thimbles

Property, Social Media, Pins and Thimbles

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Cathy Nolan

Hello fellow Pinners! And if you don’t know what that means, you really should read this to the end. (Actually, I hope that you always read my ramblings to the end anyway, but that’s beside the point.)

Private Property is embracing social media’s fun factor and, in addition to our Facebook page and Twitter accounts, we’re building a presence on Pinterest. Our boards are already overflowing with our take on the best and most inspiring interior and exterior décor trends – from pools and gardens, to rooms, to “pretty properties” in gorgeous locations. Take a look. You’re sure to find ideas to solve décor issues you didn’t even know you had.

And while you’re there, why not join up and start your own boards. I did – and it’s addictive. Even Doug, our social media expert, who lives in student-type digs where décor is the least of the considerations, spends an inordinate amount of time updating our boards.

We’re OK with that, though, as we know that his efforts will add value to all our clients who are planning to invest in property, or are renovating or redecorating. In this vein, we’re also holding hands with Decorex SA, which is SA’s pre-eminent décor expo series. The Joburg show is coming up in August, so stay posted for details on what you can expect to see and experience there. We may just also be giving tickets away… you know, use it, don’t use it …

Talking décor trends, we love keeping up with The Furnishing Touch, a bi-weekly blog on what’s new and hot: it’s their Trend Stalker’s job to, well, stalk the trends and bring the best in design straight to you. In their words, “Grab a cuppa java, sit back and get the inside scoop in superior interiors”. We do – have I mentioned our great coffee machine? – and many of us have found useable advice to implement in our own homes.

But back to Pinterest: the only snag is that you can only join up if you’re invited. But we kinda like y’all, so email Doug ( and he’ll put you on our VIP list. So put on your virtual thimble and get pinning!


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