Redhill School – Free to Build

Redhill School – Free to Build

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Resting on a magnificent campus in Morningside, Sandton, Redhill School delivers comprehensive education to avid learners in a friendly, nurturing environment.

Catering for Grade 000 to Matric, [Redhill School](http:// ) is endowed with a keen sense of tradition and community that encompasses its learners, their parents and the staff. The school is inclusionary and fosters diversity; and this is a rationale that extends to the variety of offerings available within the school, set on enriching the lives of its learners. Redhill strives to build leaders – from grassroots level – via the highest standards of education that will make all learners adept members of their communities. It is the school’s commitment to this which has led to it being ranked as one of the top performing IEB schools in the country. All departments throughout the school approach the education of learners with the greatest proficiency and dedication. The school’s Art, Music, Drama and Design departments have become particularly renowned in recent years.

From the pre-preparatory level, learners are instilled with pivotal values, as well as life and learning skills that will stand them in good stead as these are developed throughout life. This is complemented by a comprehensive foundation of knowledge, together with a desire for learning that is met through study techniques, which guarantee success at every juncture. The academic curriculum is supported by a number of events, talks, career and education guidance that are to the added benefit of each learner, helping them to reach their potential and fulfil their dreams.

The creation of responsible individuals is partly due to the strong sense of social responsibility and community awareness that is fostered within the school from the foundation stage, as well as throughout their school careers. Redhill School has a vast number of community upliftment programmes running throughout the year. In addition to the boundless good this does for the under-privileged, it gives the learners vital lessons in selflessness, appreciation, empathy and pragmatism. Aimed at supplementing the leadership programme within the school is Redhill’s Environmental Committee, through which learners are given an opportunity to better understand attainable conservation initiatives through pro-active involvement in a number of in-house programmes. Not only being helpful to the environment, this builds awareness amongst the student body, gives them a platform for further good work in this area, and generates funds for the under-privileged.

Beyond the classroom, Redhill stimulates the talents of its learners through age-appropriate co-curricular activities. On the sports field, they develop important skills and their participation aids in developing healthy habits through an active lifestyle. The extra-curricular arena is also where a number of talents are cultivated, both in sports and cultural activities. This is nurtured by the coaches in every discipline. The high school has notably strong swimming and hockey teams that serve the school with pride, and are representative of the school’s holistic success in the activities that take place outside of school hours. Redhill students have also received acclaim at the South African Institute of International Affairs annual model UN debate.

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