Relax? Is There An App For That?

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Shaun Wewege

Modern living certainly has its advantages but there are days where I yearn for a simpler life and wonder what it was like to live before cellphones, the Internet, television, cars, corporations and the comments section on any news article. Wasn’t life less stressful before things like social media came along, and told us how we should feel about issues that affect society? Who needs independent thought and opinion when Twitter has one for you?

Part of me quite likes the idea of living 300 years ago. But then I consider how indoor plumbing, cures for illnesses and Grumpy Cat have made my existence infinitely better. Despite our increasingly stressful lives we can all find ways to chill out. And being the suburbanites and city dwellers that we are, there are all sorts of gadgets, furniture and gizmos that can aid our quest to unwind.

The Hammock

Can you think of a better way to forget about your worries than a snooze in a hammock? There is quite a bit of choice here with thick cord, Mexican chair and lounger type hammocks available. You can buy a hammock on its own and fasten it between two trees or buy one that is fitted to a stand. If you failed to get a knot-tying badge in scouts I recommend the stand.

For the time pressed, a number of online retailers have products that they will deliver: Try and

Wearable back-massager

I would love to have been in this product development meeting. Somewhere, in some cupboard, beneath a pile of notes, is a sketch of a pint-sized masseuse that gives massages while you piggyback him or her on your daily routine. Luckily, the VertaBrate has evolved since inception and is now a sleek device that you wear under your clothes. According to this article, it clings to the skin and then “begins a deep massage by embedding four vibrating nodes in the back.”

USB Aromatherapy

If you’re susceptible to placebos or just enjoy certain scents, this USB powered dispenser is perfect for those times at the office where you feel the need to pulverise your PC with a hammer. The odds are that if you don’t buy into aromatherapy already, you won’t see any benefit in this device. And if it’s your USB drive that is making you upset, you’ll have an extra level of frustration to deal with.

The Amber Elixir Of Wonderment

There is an elixir that is known throughout the worlds to make those who imbibe it relax. A word of warning though - imbibe too much and you may dance on tables or bore strangers with tales of that time you met a celebrity (who I can assure you tells no one of the time he met you).

You may struggle to find “The Amber Elixir Of Wonderment” online. Do a search for “beer”.

That Frankie chap had the right idea all the way back in 1983. We all need to relax.

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