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Robin Hills perches on the hill overlooking Cresta Shopping Centre and its geographic position has played well in ensuring that property prices in the suburb have remained fairly constant since the boom of 2007/2008.

This is in spite of the suburb bordering Windsor East, which has seen a decline over the past 10 years, the large properties and wide streets of Robin Hills have attracted upper middle class buyers.

With an average selling price of R1.7 million last year the suburb the suburb has two distinct parts, and two distinct price zones. The houses that are built into the hill tend toward can sell for R2 million to R3 million, while the houses on the flatter geography pull the prices down toward the lower R1 million mark.

In the last 12 months one property sold for more than R3 million while there were 10 sales in the R1.5 million to R3 million sector with only five below the R1.5 million mark. Freehold properties make up 93% of the properties in the suburb with estates and sectional title properties making up the rest, with just over 300 units in the suburb in total.

The suburb has a strong community of loyal owners, with more than 40 percent having owned their properties for more than 11 years. Recent buyers are dominated by a younger demographic with just under 40% of recent buyers under 35. This is unusual for a suburb with a average selling price over R1.5 million, but indicates that there is demand for the suburb with the one demographic group that favours proximity to amenities above other issues. Sellers have a strong trend towards the 35 – 50 age group indicating that some of those that have bought in the suburb are using it as a stepping stone on the property ladder rather than a long-term investment.

While the suburb is not boomed, there are some streets that are access controlled, providing a options for the security conscious.The central location of the suburb also provides easy access to shopping centres with Cresta, Brightwater Commons and Hyde Park all within easy reach. Beyers Naude Drive and Malibongwe also provide easy access to the highway and for those looking for the nightlife it is fairly straightforward to get to Melville and Parkhurst.

The suburb provides access to some good schools, although Afrikaans speakers are far better off than their English speaking counterparts with both Hoerskool Linden and Randburg Hoer close by. The Kings School is also conveniently situated in the suburb for those that prefer a Christian education. There is an English medium primary school, Robin Hills Primary, but because this also acts as a key school for the residents of Windsor, it is unsurprising that Robin Hills residents are likely to look towards IR Griffiths and Blairgowrie Primary for primary education.

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