Sagewood School – Educating the Whole Child

Sagewood School – Educating the Whole Child

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Claire Fraser

Sagewood School is a family school offering high class education in Midrand. The school creates a happy learning environment where religious, racial and religious diversity is embraced and celebrated. At Sagewood, learners receive a balanced, structured, quality education where values are upheld. Support is offered to all learners in order for them to gain the topmost advantage from their time at the school.

In the classroom, small classes and a fine balance of individual attention from teachers using progressive methods give learners the upper hand in their studies. Learners become independent, critical thinkers who are intelligent and capable members of the community. The high standard of skills and values imparted in the classroom will form the grounding for successful lives.

The large campus at Sagewood School caters for the varying developmental stages of learners from Pre-Primary School to the College, with each level forming a strong foundation for graduation to the next. At the Pre-School stage, children learn through play and, from grassroots level, they are given a strong work ethic, passion for learning and the skills they need to learn from their experiences for school readiness. This rationale is expanded and built upon during the learners’ time at the Preparatory School, where holistic development is the focus of educators. During these important formative years, learners are given every opportunity to discover their potential and achieve their goals in a happy, caring environment.

Completion of these phases creates a comprehensive background for the fine work done within the Sagewood College. The academic success within the school is evident through the high rate of achievement in the Matric examinations across a broad range of subjects. The prevalence of small, well-equipped classes - together with the valuable additional resources in the form of the Media Centre, computer room, technology and science facilities – ensures that the lessons learned in the classroom are complemented in a practical way. Learning is interactive, and learners are encouraged to question and express themselves wherever and however possible. Sagewood is also thoroughly committed to the creative, dramatic and sporting growth of all of its learners.

Sagewood has designed a sporting and cultural extra-mural calendar for every stage within the school. This is essential in the holistic approach to education at the school, and is a valuable extension of the in-class lessons. These are hosted internally and externally by the school to encourage participation and guarantees that each learner’s tastes will be catered for. In addition to the values gained through these activities, participation in extra-murals encourages a sense of identity within the school, as well as that of community, to reinforce the family environment at Sagewood School.


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