Sans Souci Girls’ High School – The Jewel of Newlands

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Claire Fraser

Sans Souci Girls’ High School is located on school grounds with varied facilities, against a backdrop of the beautiful Table Mountain Range.

Sans Souci Girls’ High School is a hub of activity – every offering at the school intently focused on the development and enrichment of all of its girls. As a relatively small school in terms of numbers, all learners are given individual attention and become part of the intimate Sans Souci school community. It is within the caring, happy school environment that exemplary learning takes place. The school experience at Sans Souci concentrates on the holistic development of girls, and its ethos includes a number of pivotal values and skills that will allow them to become effective members of their communities.

Central to this is academic excellence. The school has built a formidable reputation for its one hundred percent Matric pass rate, achievable in a disciplined and structured environment. By imparting girls with knowledge, a love of learning and the skills to tackle all challenges, they become geared for successful and substantial lives. The realisation of the individual potential of each girl, together with equipping them for the achievement of this potential, aids in girls becoming confident and motivated workers. The individual self-worth of each girl is treated as paramount, and it is in a setting that promotes democratic principles that this is further nurtured and sustained. It is the intention of Sans Souci Girls’ High School that girls are prepared for an ever-changing world, and the holistic education on offer at the school guarantees this.

At Sans Souci Girls’ High School, the Arts are a dominant focus. This forms a fundamental part of the cultural ethos at the school. The success of this is evident in the avid learner participation in this rich area within the school. These subjects are important in the development of the girls, and channel the creative to result in a comprehensive, balanced education. Visual and Dramatic Arts, as well as Music are specifically catered for, and girls are given countless opportunities to hone these skills on both a practical and theoretical basis. Girls are given a chance to display their talents through performances in a number of arenas, and Sans Souci Girls’ High School has a remarkably high profile for its participation. With its learners as its ambassadors, many girls excel in the Arts on an individual level, with the encouragement of the school.

The extra-mural calendar is a busy one at Sans Souci Girls’ High. The school offers Summer and Winter specific sports, as well as cultural events, and the girls do the reputation of the school proud in all of their undertakings.

There is a strong element of leadership on offer at the school that helps to develop every girl individually in their contribution to the school and the community. A part of this involves a strong sense of social responsibility, in keeping with the ethos of Sans Souci. The school’s Interact Club is one of their main resources in this regard. It is through this that girls are given a chance to help both at school and beyond, and are given hands-on experience in assistance, planning and charity work for a number of worthy causes.

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