Second Cup Delights

Second Cup Delights

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Tucked away on John Vorster Drive in Weltevreden Park is ‘Second Cup’, a truly unique, community orientated establishment.

Blink and you’ll miss it. That’s how low key Second Cup’s exterior is. An innocuous sign displayed outside a simple gate and brick walls is all that marks its existence. But don’t let its appearance fool you; there is far more to Second Cup than initially meets the eye.

The story goes that Second Cup occupies an area which used to belong to Weltevreden Farm, a once sizeable homestead. A restaurant now takes centre stage at a revamped farm house which was originally built by the owners of Weltevreden Farm for their grandparents. Approximately 14 years ago, Second Cup took up residence.

The restaurant sits on the edge of, for lack of better definition, a miniature forest and evidence of the building’s farming orientation is evident throughout. Far from shunning its origins, Second Cup’s owners, Ivan and Bea Fick have gone to great lengths to combine the house’s farming traits with pleasing Bohemian style elements. The result? An eclectic, gilded mix of old and new. Guests can choose to dine either inside or outside. Inside you’ll find mismatched wooden tables above which is a shelf lined with old-fashioned kitchen scales and utensils, biscuit and rusk tins and small flour sacks.

Other interior elements include shimmering organza curtains, flowers, a chandelier, a beautiful old fireplace complete with tile motif, portraits and cherubs. Old fashioned sweet jars line the counter and a small room has been dedicated to the sale of various such as clocks, French soaps and bags amongst other items.

Outside you’ll find pockets of tables positioned under the trees and the patio. Fairy lights have been strung up and old fashioned farming elements punctuate the landscape. As you eat you’ll no doubt be joined by some of Second Cup’s resident cats, guinea fowls and Feather-foot Bantam chickens.

Actual restaurant aside, Second Cup’s food is decidedly moreish. The gold, filigreed menu offers breakfast, toasted and open sandwiches, decadent cakes, pies and tramezzinis. My personal favourite is the roast beef and mustard open sandwich with basil and caramelised onion on rye. A delicate side salad accompanies most light lunch options and all of the food is beautifully garnished. Unable to finish your meal? ‘Doggy bags’ usually take the form of tinfoil swans.

But there is more to Second Cup than the main restaurant. Dotted all around the property are a number of establishments including an embroidery shop where embroidery lessons are given and embroidered products are sold; a small beauty shop; a counselling centre; ‘Belly Button’ clothing and accessories; a bead shop where beading is taught and products sold; an arts and crafts centre where enthusiasts can learn how to work with clay, pewter and mosaics; a bookstore and scrapbooking shop. An indigenous nursery also occupies a portion of the property.

In a nutshell, Second Cup could be likened to a small community all unto itself. Building on the success of Second Cup, Ivan and Bea have opened a French style coffee shop named ‘Second Cup Deli’ four kilometres away on Rugby Street. The same sumptuous Second Cup menu is utilised here bar a few additions.

Second Cup will soon be hosting a Christmas Market. Should you wish to find out further details about this or any of their other activities you can email Ivan or Bea on or call (011) 679 4665.


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