St Martin’s Preparatory School – A Unique School Offering a ‘Boutique ’- Style Education

St Martin’s Preparatory School – A Unique School Offering a ‘Boutique ’- Style Education

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Located in the Hill on East Road, Johannesburg, St Martin’s Preparatory School offers a safe environment with top facilities to give children a comprehensive start to their education.

St Martin’s Prep School has a rich history, and offers premium education in a co-educational, non-racial school with a strong Christian ethos. This ensures that solid values are propounded in a small family atmosphere. Small classes guarantee favourable individual attention by staff – addressing their intellectual, spiritual and emotional needs.

Within the Preparatory School is a specialised junior primary block, intent on providing learners with the grounding they need to approach subsequent study with confidence and proficiency. The facilities augment the learning experiences at the school. A computer centre, library, art design centre, science lab and music rooms provide valuable resources and give learners an opportunity to give their lessons practical relevance. Knowledge is also enhanced through outings and excursions that form a part of the curriculum, as well as an annual camp that develops character and allows children to enjoy the outdoors as part of their progress.

The pre-preparatory classes at St Martin’s instil fundamental principles in learners. This is achieved through educational play that stimulates and entertains, whilst developing pivotal skills and values. They receive an introduction to Literacy and Numeracy, giving them the confidence they need to succeed in these areas and develop a thorough understanding of the basics. This is expanded on and intensified during the Foundation phase, with an acute focus on skills and the promotion of independent thought in every learner. Teachers conduct an in-depth evaluation of the children, giving them the ability to use their interests to enhance learning and address difficulties. Senior Primary education sees specialised subjects, by teachers dedicated to their respective fields. The standards are high, and the programme is diverse to keep learners motivated.

Outside of the classroom, St Martin’s Preparatory School offers a number of extra-curricular activities for the holistic development and attention of all learners. The school has the facilities to provide instruction in a full range of sporting and cultural pursuits. Participation in the extra-curricular programme is compulsory, and the assorted offerings ensure that learners will find something they will enjoy including traditional sports, drama and the arts and a number of extra activities - such as ballet, karate, hip-hop and karate at an added cost. There is also an on-site after care facility.

The Preparatory School is connected with the regional mini-council and is involved in charity and fundraising projects. Social responsibility is viewed as an important element of the schooling at St Martin’s Prep School; assisting the community, fostering important values in learners and upholding the proud ethos of the school.


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