St Martin’s Secondary School - Amidst Beautiful Buldings and Large Gardens

St Martin’s Secondary School - Amidst Beautiful Buldings and Large Gardens

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Claire Fraser

St Martin’s Secondary School in Rosettenville, Johannesburg, is a non-racial, co-educational boarding school with a rich history for its celebration of diversity and preparation of learners for successful lives.

The St Martin’s Secondary School campus is located in beautiful buildings set amidst large gardens. The staff provides premiere guidance, instruction and counselling covering all aspects of the lives of each of its learners. Operating within a Christian ethos, the school also has an on-site Chapel, and the coupling of the school chaplain and the counsellors offer broad spectrum support to learners during these formative years. This includes spiritual enrichment, as well as concentrated career guidance within a structured family environment.

Learners at St Martin’s Secondary School have an enthusiastic approach to work and learning. This contributes to the standards of excellence, as all learners study to attain their benchmark. The classroom environment within the school is lively, with a programme that stimulates learner involvement in their own learning progress. Development is holistic at St Martin’s, endowing learners with the confidence, vision and drive to bring all of their goals to fruition. The high quality of instruction is enhanced by small classes and corresponding individual attention, frequent fieldtrips and outdoor excursions and modern facilities. These include drama amenities, an industrial kitchen for Hospitality Studies, Civil Technology Workshop and technical drawing room, science and biology labs, computer rooms, library, boarding houses and specialist teaching rooms.

Traditional subjects, as well as some diverse subject choices are on offer at the school including Visual Arts under the instruction of an exhibiting artist, Civil Technology, Hospitality Studies, IT, CAT, French, Portuguese, Business Studies and Music. Academic support is offered to all learners, and this is offered on an extra-curricular basis, especially in Mathematics. The social responsibility programme is also very active at St Martin’s. As a church-affiliated school, it runs a number of charity and fundraising initiatives, including assistance to the Salvation Army and the Blind Association, in addition to many others. The history of the school has included names such as Oliver Tambo, Fikile Bam and Hugh Masekela.

The full range of sporting activities at St Martin’s Secondary School take place within the school’s on-site facilities. Learners are expected to take part in an outdoor activity in the creation of a valuable sense of balance, as well as the development of a healthy lifestyle. Their involvement in the rich cultural programme at the school is also encouraged as an essential supplement to the lessons learned within the classroom. These include public speaking, play festivals, Olympiads, creative writing competitions and eisteddfods to name a few.


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