St Teresa’s School – Feel the Spirit of the Rosie Family

St Teresa’s School – Feel the Spirit of the Rosie Family

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Claire Fraser

St Teresa’s is rated one of the top hundred schools in the country. Catering for Grade 00 to 12, the highest level of academic preparation is conveyed to girls by a professional and dedicated staff. This is complemented by small classes and the finest facilities, ensuring that your daughter receives every opportunity to make the most of her academic career. The result is that St Teresa’s can proudly say that it is ranked as one of the top achieving schools in Gauteng.

Imbued with a strong sense of tradition from its 81 years of operation, the school feels that its success is marked by the exceptional girls who have graduated there. Through the school, the girls are endowed with the realisation of their potential and the achievement of their goals in a modern, evolving world. Boasting an alumni of wholly successful, influential women – many of whom have gone on to institute valuable changes in the country – the past pupils are but a facet of the school’s success.

St Teresa’s has its basis in a strong Christian ethos, which aids in the development of compassionate, visionary young women who approach life responsibly and capably. A fundamental aspect of this is participation in outreach programmes; many of its learners engaging in community service on a voluntary basis through the school’s Interact Club. Many of the projects are run in collaboration with NGOs and the various projects run by the Sisters of Mercy that assist the needy.

Home of many national and provincial sportswomen, St Teresa’s regards sport as part of the education on offer at the school. This is largely owing to the important values that accompany both recreational and competitive sporting engagements. A vast range of sports and Development Sport is available at the school, under the keen guidance of dedicated coaches.

The values entrenched through sports are supplemented and enhanced by a rich cultural calendar. With particular accomplishments in the public speaking sphere, girls from St Teresa’s have excelled in annual Science Expos and Olympiads, as well as putting on musical and theatrical productions of the highest calibre. Outings are frequently arranged, and these often overlap with, and so enhance, the academic curriculum.


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