The grass is greener online

The grass is greener online

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Cathy Nolan

Shopping for property online? It’s more entertaining – and educational – than you think!

Take the virtual tour, as an example. You could spend hours “walking around” in the most gorgeous homes in the country until you find the one that really tugs at your heart strings. The result? You know what you’re interested in before you call the agents – no more wasting time with unsuitable properties.

And while you’re online you can narrow down your search criteria, so if your budget only caters for a cottage, you don’t have to scroll past hundreds of castles to find what you can afford. On that note, you can find out more about affordability, which will also help to narrow down your search criteria. A good calculator will take your deposit and the prevailing interest rate into account.

It is also possible to conduct more in-depth searches by selecting a specific class of property, such as those listed as bank sales or deceased estates.

You can also see whether a prospective landlord will welcome your pooches or not, as well as whether or not the inviting pool in the picture belongs to your unit or the entire complex, for example.

Some property sites save you even more time by enabling you to save your searches, which then ensures that you receive an electronic alert you the moment that new, suitable properties are listed. So you’re able to contact the agent before the property is snapped up by the Joneses.

For those who like to retain information for future reference, Private Property’s “wish list” option allows you to view and share your favourite properties at any time. When you fall in love with a property, simply click on the heart icon. It’s like scrap booking but less sticky and way more satisfying.

With the holidays around the corner, this may be a good time to explore the convenience and sophistication of searching for property online in the comfort of your home or wherever you happen to be holidaying.

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