The Green Value of Property in Cape Town

The Green Value of Property in Cape Town

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Property in Cape Town will never go out of fashion. But if you do want to make your house even more fashionable with the view of selling it in the future, then there are a few very easy tips.With current electricity hikes, and recent reports that South African citizens are getting municipality bills of up to 70% more than two years ago, greening your property in Cape Town is not only trendy, but also makes economical sense.Adding features like a gas stove, or solar geyser, could immediately cut your electricity bill in half as these are the culprits in chasing up your bill. Although the initial installation would ask for an investment, you would start to get this capital back in a few years time as you start to save on your bill.And Eskom is now making it even easier for home owners to install a solar geyser, by offering a rebate in the price and installation fee, should you buy from certain solar geyser providers.But adding to the financial benefits of greening your house, new research by bond originator, Ooba, indicates that South African buyers are starting to value environmentally-friendly practices that are already in place in a house. These could include insulation, solar panels, or water saving facilities.According to Ooba, 49% of respondents taking part in its survey, said that these green factors are very important when they are looking to buy a home, 18% said they were important, 20% said they were of some interest, while only 13% said they were not of interest at all. That means that if you do have some green features in your house, it is more than likely that people viewing your property in Cape Town, will be more interested in the property, than if you don’t.


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