Tyger Valley College – Through Enjoyment to Excellence

Tyger Valley College – Through Enjoyment to Excellence

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Intent on providing a learning environment where children can develop to their full potential, Tyger Valley College is a school with a Christian ethos. As such, values are instilled that will allow every learner to develop into confident, moral and driven adults.

From their inception into the College, academics are holistic and the learning environment is stimulating and empowering. The pre-preparatory school offers an enriching daily programme that serves as a foundation for learning and introduces pivotal concepts, develops key skills and allows for play, discovery and interaction. Positive reinforcement is continued throughout their preparatory and high school years, where learners are endowed with discipline and independence that will stand them in good stead for their academic futures.

Within every school, co-curricular activities are allocated that are age appropriate and are viewed as fundamental to the education of each learner. The school life at Tyger Valley College is augmented by cultural and sporting activities. These are far-reaching and accommodating for every learner. Every element of learning at the College takes place in outstanding facilities and through the guidance and instruction of qualified and dedicated teachers in an atmosphere of care, understanding and respect. As a result of this, the school is filled with smiles and laughter.

Tyger Valley College operates through four specialised pillars, which are academic and learning enrichment; sports and coaching performance; environmental education; and visual and performing arts. The school offers amenities that aid in these areas. This includes the Academic Enrichment Centre, where learners can receive maximum independent learning and where assessment can be conducted at an early age in order to ensure that learners are on the right track. The centre is a hub where learners can explore their talents, enhance their skills and build confidence. Support is offered through the centre’s psychological, remedial support, occupational therapy and speech therapy facilities, and the programmes on offer promote enthusiasm and understanding for learners.

In addition to this, Tyger Valley College offers Africa Nature Training to all of its learners – a company that specialises in nature, environmental and conservation education. This operates under the Eco-Schools programme, and learners are able to become conscientious, responsible members of the community by working together in themed projects. Along a similar vein, the College is involved in a number of outreach-related projects throughout the course of the school year. Through these initiatives, learners can reach out to those less fortunate for the upliftment of the community, whilst interacting and raising awareness for worthwhile causes.

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