Wynberg Girls’ Junior School – Honour Before Honours

Wynberg Girls’ Junior School – Honour Before Honours

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Through a caring pupil, staff and parent community, Wynberg Girls’ Junior School has built itself an exacting reputation of excellence across a number of spheres. It is the school’s concentration on providing top opportunities in academics, sports, culture and community upliftment that enables the school’s caring, highly-qualified staff to nurture the decisive elements of girls in preparation for further schooling and the challenges of life.

Both within the classroom and beyond, learning is encouraged through curiosity, creativity and the freedom of expression that paves the way for inquiring, enthusiastic young learners. As such, Wynberg Girls’ Junior School has an active art department, catering for Grade R to Grade 7, and this is viewed as an integral part of the curriculum. Music is given the same significance, and there are a number of ensembles and individual music tuition on offer at the school. These faculties complement the academic skills of the classroom, and aid in the development of fundamental skills.

In addition to this, learners at Wynberg Girls’ Junior School are encouraged to read, and this is carefully incorporated into their lessons. The library fosters a love of reading, and provides a quiet and inspiring area for girls to do their homework, expand their minds or read recreationally. Over and above this, due diligence is given to the emotional intelligence of every girl at the school. This plays an important role in the development of learners, and equips them with the understanding and fortitude for accomplishment. In addition to this, learner support is offered in recognition of the different learning styles and abilities of each girl. Wynberg Girls’ Junior offers the skills of a school counsellor, remedial teachers, and outside professionals, as well as the volunteer facility called SUCCESS to help learners to achieve their best potential.

The extra-curricular calendar at Wynberg Girls’ Junior School is brimming with activities to meet the needs and aspirations of all girls. These are arranged in-house, as well as privately, and nurture the talents, abilities and interests of girls in sports, drama, culture, the creative, the spiritual and outreach.

Leadership is offered to all Grade 7 girls on a volunteer basis. It is via these duties within the school that a keen sense of responsibility and a range of skills are conveyed. Girls volunteer to be monitresses across a range of areas within the school. Over and above this, all Grade 7s are given basic training in peer mediation to enable them to come to resolutions quickly and amicably, whether in the classroom, on the sports field, on the playground or in their personal lives.


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