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About Parkvillage Auctions

Park Village Auctions was founded in 1983 by Jack Lazarus and sons Roy, Clive and Dean.

From inception until the present day, we stand proudly as an independent auctioneering

company which has earned well deserved recognition as one of the premier auctioneering firms

in South Africa. Our reputation is firmly entrenched in a history of cast-iron integrity in our

dealings with clients and stakeholders and our commitment to the auctioneering sector.


Our operations are driven by a policy of continuous improvement in which we strive to build

capacity and expertise to add value to our principals, clients and business associates.


We retain our leading position in the auctioneering sector by setting benchmark standards in

every aspect of the auctioneering process to achieve progress within the industry.


Park Village Auctions is an empowered and engendered company in terms of the Department of

Trade and Industries (DTI) BEE codes and the company is thus able to meet fully, the auction

disposal needs of both the Government and private sectors.

Our objectives in this front are facilitated, in part, by offering franchise opportunities for the Park

Village Auctions brand, a route for which has significant empowerment potential.


Auctioneering in today’s times requires an integrated blend of business, financial,

entrepreneurial and marketing skills. The diverse experience of Park Village Auctions’ experts

provides the company with a broad-based business perspective that enables us to achieve

outstanding results for our clients. We provide a countrywide network via our franchised offices

in Pretoria (see below), branches in Nelspruit and recently established, fully fledged offices in

Bloemfontein and Durban, both of which have substantial storage facilities. We also have

associates in the Western Cape, Eastern Cape and Border. Park Village was originally a family

business. To this day the same ethics and principals that guided the company from the outset

continue to be applied, coupled with the ability to service and participate in every facet of the

auction sector.

The company is entirely dedicated to auctioneering. We believe this is a significant strength in

that our success is fully intertwined with that of our clients’ interests.


With the opening of franchised offices in Pretoria in July 1999, Park Village Auctions added to its

already extensive and comprehensive services north of the Jukskei River.

The Park Village Auctions Pretoria sphere of influence includes the Pretoria/Centurion area, with

special emphasis on The Northern Province. The rationale behind the Pretoria office was and

remains, to be close to “what is happening” in these areas and in so doing, to achieve rapid and

timeous response to clients’ needs.

Park Village Auctions Pretoria offers the full portfolio of expertise with which Park Village built its

reputation, notably in terms of movable or immovable assets and in the real estate sector that

includes agricultural, commercial, industrial and residential properties.

A particular area of speciality lies in the valuation and auctioneering of both fixed and movable

agricultural assets, where expertise has to be of the highest order due to the complexities of

numerous segments of the agricultural market such as arable (cash crops), grazing (livestock),

game, forestry, citrus, deciduous fruit, vineyards farming etc.

Ensuring that the office is a market leader in South Africa is a staff of highly qualified specialists

headed up by Andre Venter (who also oversees financial and administration matters and the

property portfolio), individually and collectively this team has the knowledge and experience to

ensure delivery of world class services in this highly demanding market sector. In addition the

office draws on the expertise of agricultural economists, financial, legal and other specialists

where appropriate.

They are backed in turn by a highly experienced administrative team and an integrated

computerised marketing, sales and accounting network system.

Moreover the Pretoria office has full access to logistics, asset control and storage facilities for

everything from light movables to heavy capital equipment, trucks and motor vehicles, as well as

the business linkages and expertise of the entire Park Village network of branches and



Park Village is differentiated in the market place in terms of its asset management capabilities,

based on ultra-modern storage facilities in various locations, and the application of state-of-theart


The group has developed unique methods of insuring, storing, securing and controlling assets

such as motor vehicles, trucks, capital equipment and small lots such as office contents.

Our world class facilities in this respect include the truck and capital equipment storage centre,

extending over some 10 000 square metres at Nasrec, extensive vehicle storage facilities for up

to 5 000 vehicles vehicles, the 6 000 square metre salvaged vehicles centre in Benrose and the

7 000 square metre small lots facility in Prolecon.

Typically in these facilities there is accurate computer recording of each and every item, the

goods are allocated to secured areas of storage under 24 hour surveillance and can only be

accessed with client permission under strict supervision. Moreover, from the moment of the

initial collection of the goods, they are fully insured against perils such as fire, theft, flood etc.

We use highly trained security personnel under our direct control, we apply state-of-the-art

technology in managing and controlling the disposal of assets and we provide transport facilities

using our own fleet of vehicles for movables where necessary. The result is an unequalled value

add for Park Village clients.


Our Property Division specialises in the valuation and disposal of properties including

commercial, industrial, residential, agricultural, Sectional Title and shareblock properties as well

as residential and industrial townships and deceased, insolvent and sequestrated estates. No

staff member is directly or indirectly connected with liquidators, financial institutions or trustees.

Moreover our expert team regards each property as a priority project and our services include

the arranging of city council enquiries on behalf of the client as well as property deed searches.

Other areas of expertise include:

Plant and workshop machinery

Engineering equipment

Earthmoving equipment

Farming implements

Rigging equipment

Pharmaceutical equipment

Printing equipment

Mining equipment

IT equipment

Textile equipment

Woodworking Machinery

Process Plant Equipment

Baking and Catering Equipment

Refrigeration Equipment

Household effects

Office Furniture and Equipment

Antiques/Persian carpets


Motor Vehicles and Trucks



Notarial Bonds

Liquidated and sequestrated estates

Asset Forfeiture estates


We implement customised strategies for each disposal, utilising effective marketing and sales

methodologies to achieve comprehensive target market exposure. Sales days are well branded

and professionally organised and managed to achieve maximum results for our clients.

We provide our clients with accurate, market-related appraisals. Each member of our

valuations, appraisals and in-house technical team, has specific areas of expertise and as such,

possesses the necessary qualifications and the expertise to provide accurate testimony in

defended and undefended matters. Our appraisers are frequently called upon to provide a

realistic, market-related assessment of the value of assets, prior to institutional finance being


Also, we are closely aligned to the reality of market trends and accordingly, where financial

institutions deem it viable to prevent the liquidation of a business, we are able to provide

relevant advice in terms of asset stripping, downsizing and restructuring of inventories and other

vital issues.


We are members of the Institute of Estate Agents, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Johannesburg, the National Auctioneers Association and the South African Institute of



Head office: 011 789-4375


May 2011