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About Vineyard Estates

Since 2004, Vineyard Estates has proven to be THE boutique estate agency in the Newlands, Upper Kenilworth and Claremont, Bishopscourt and occasionally Rondebosch and Constantia markets. We specialize in ‘cherry-picking’ the best homes on the market, but only if they are priced reasonably. We will take on exceptional properties that are priced high, but on condition that the Seller agrees that we may alert buyers that they are paying a premium. Despite this, we find that buyers are still prepared to pay a little extra for something extraordinary.

We also specialize in sourcing the right property for specific buyers – obviating the frustration that comes with dealing with larger companies, where a buyer has to repeatedly explain his/her requirements to a variety of different agents who are each confined to a specific turf, and where one’s name is usually entered into a database extending to areas you aren’t interested in.