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Q & A with Anne Viljoen

What makes your area special?

I’m based in La Lucia, but I work mainly on Mount Edgecombe Estate 1 and 2. A couple of the small estates surrounding it but I find that my business is so busy in Mount Edgecombe, so that's where I'm primarily based. I live on the estate and work from my home office, which makes it even more attractive!

What sets you apart as an agent?

I enjoy people and I think that's where my success comes from: I love working with people and this is a people business. If you don't enjoy people, don't be a real estate agent. Because you come across every type of person. And I do enjoy people. I think people recognize that they can trust me: I'm upfront in every situation and I have their interest at heart from the beginning. And then my clients become my friends. So once I've sold them a house, invariably I sell their children a home or when they move again I sell their home, or the grandparents move here, so it's an ongoing thing. Referral business is my bread and butter, that's where I earn my money. And it just comes naturally to me to work that way.