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Q & A with Linda Skuy

Why did you choose Pam Golding Properties?

I've been in real estate since 2010. I think it's very important to choose a brand when you are selling your property that communicates what makes your home unique, and that has the professional angle that Pam Golding brings. I think it's a brand that has a lot of integrity and it just resonated with me.

What makes Durban North special?

Durban North is an amazing place. I live here, which I think helps a lot for selling in the area. And I've appreciated it from so many aspects. Coming from Johannesburg, the first thing for me was the convenience. Your quality of lifestyle improves dramatically because you're spending so much less time doing those things that waste time like travel, and sitting in traffic.

You've got wonderful schools, you've got lovely shopping precincts really close and everything is just a stone’s throw away from anywhere that you live in the suburb. You are really close to the metropolis of Gateway, you are five minutes from the city centre and the rugby stadium, so it's just been an amazingly convenient place and a fantastic place for my children to grow up. Durban North is also becoming a sought-after place to retire and for people from other provinces to relocate to.

We have the convenience factor, great weather and a fantastic way of life.