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Q & A with Phillip Reynolds

How did you get started in property?

I live in Durban now but grew up in Cape Town and started my own business – it was a family business in the wine industry. From there I moved into the Pam Golding business because my wife Carol had bought the business franchise when we moved to Durban, so she's been at it for seven years.

At that stage she was the sole owner of the franchise, and needed help. Our franchise covers the area from Durban Central through Durban North, Glenashley, La Lucia, Umhlanga and Umdloti.

Why did you choose Pam Golding Properties?

Pam Golding is very much a family business – it’s trustworthy and honourable and it’s lasted I think for 40 years now, so it's a great company to work with. They've got a brilliant backing team with highly experienced people from the accounting side to the legal side to the marketing side and they've been in the industry for a long, long time so they really do know what they're doing.

What makes Durban North special?

Durban North historically is one of the oldest suburbs in Durban so the homes are very traditional. The home we are sitting in now was built in 1926. So traditionally they are old style homes with Oregon pine wood floors, big well-built homes with gardens on nice size plots of land. Durban North is typically family orientated because the schools are all here, the shopping centres are all here, it's close to the beaches, the road networks – everything is right here and it's very convenient.