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Cathy Nolan

Spotlight-Meet-the-teamIf you’ve ever phoned us, you’ve spoken to one of these crazy call-centre staff members – Nolen has his hands full with this dynamic bunch!


“It’s all about the game with me; sales is in my blood. Starting from the bottom, I’ve earned my stripes through countless hours of ‘The reason for my call today is …’. Leading a very cocky bunch of individuals is what drives me on a daily basis – to the extent that I had to tattoo the saying ‘Veni, Vidi, Vici’ on my forearm, as a reminder that I always conquer any task given to me.”


“Everyone who knows me, knows I’m outgoing and confident – which makes me perfect for this vocation. I studied to be a chef but the hours are too long! On weekends I assist a non-profit organisation to feed a local community. So my knowledge isn’t completely wasted.”


“I’ve been with Private Property since 2007 and have enjoyed the journey from where I started. From being a food freak I’ve learnt to control my Nando’s cravings and substitute them with gym – as if running after my 3-year-old daughter doesn’t keep me fit enough!”


“I love ‘the chase’ and enjoy working under pressure, so this career is a perfect fit for me! I like to have a goal to work towards and need to be busy; nothing makes the day as long and boring as sitting idle. So call me any time, with any query – I’m here to help!”


“I’m very outgoing (read: dominant and direct …). I’m always up for a new challenge and work hard to achieve my goals. My drive comes from my kids. My son is four and my daughter is five but they’re only 10 months apart so they’re in the same class. They’re a handful to manage! I survive with the help of my invaluable nanny!


“I’m adaptable! Whether it’s work or fun, my attitude is to run with the pack. When working, I’m very creative and am always looking for the big picture; the ultimate solution. I keep my eye on the target and take work ethics very seriously.”


“I’m energetic, boisterous and a bit over-the-top and that’s before breakfast! I’ve earned my name No Filter Venter – what can I say, honesty is big with me. I’m also a fit-freak and my best is trail-running. My son Cade is my everything. He’s four and he rocks!”


“I’m dedicated, goal-orientated and motivated in all that I do, both in life and at work. I’m always willing to help anyone to my best ability and within my means. That said, I can be a bit of a clown: I’m always the one to try to turn the frown upside down.”

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