Modern entertainment areas for the whole family

Modern entertainment areas for the whole family

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Sarah-Jane Meyer

A designated entertainment area will make routine family activities feel more like a special outing and get children’s imagination flowing.

Whether you are converting a backyard shed or an unused garage, give your special space a fresh coat of paint, hang some decor and optimise it for storage space.


To get the most out of a room, it’s worth investing in multi-functional pieces that enhance the space's versatility. For instance, a dining room table that transforms into a table tennis table will guarantee it is used for more than just special occasions and holiday dinners.

Set up a projector, a television and a sound system for movie nights and video games. With the right choice of furniture, the space can double as a family or living room.

Combine a study area with a game room by installing a foosball, pool, or table tennis table. With cosy seating and bookshelves, you can use the space for work and play.

Paint one wall with chalk paint so that children can draw all over them without spoiling the paintwork.

Set up an area on the wall with chalkboards, pinboards, and magnets for arts and crafts so that anyone who doesn’t want to play games can also have fun.

Home gym

Even the most basic at-home climbing walls are well-used by children of all ages.

Add a punching bag and a ballet bar, and maximise this space by installing a large mirror against one wall.


If you and your children enjoy basketball or netball, build a half-court at home. If space is limited, look for a child-sized, arcade-style basketball hoop.

Slides, swings and jungle gyms are ideal for outdoor entertainment areas.


You do not need to spend a fortune or have a spacious, extra room for a game room. If you don't have enough space for a pool table, a mini version works just as well. Other popular options are foosball and shuffleboard.

If you often have friends around for poker, set up a small salon station so that you don't have to crowd around the coffee or dining room table. When you're not using this corner, smarten it up with an attractive chessboard.

If your game room doubles as your media or family room, make sure there's an area just for relaxing. Hanging chairs clustered in a circle make a strong design statement and facilitates conversation.

An entertainment space isn't complete without music. So, wall-mounted musical instruments do double duty as décor and free up valuable floor space.

Family entertainment is an important aspect of great family life. The guidelines listed above will assist you in this regard.


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