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DIY Compost – what every garden should have
A simple way to look after our planet is to create your own composting system for kitchen and garden waste.
How to start your own vegetable garden
A vegetable garden is a great way to save money or get the whole family involved in a fun project. Here are some basic guidelines to get you started.
Get water-wise – garden with succulents
From minute blossoms to majestic sculptural focal points, succulents can add texture, variety and colour to your garden, and they are drought friendly.
Top garden trends to look out for in 2018
Turn over a new leaf by introducing these hot new trends for 2018 into your garden.
8 tricks to make a small outdoor area look bigger
Small garden? Here are a few simple tips to create an illusion of space in your outdoor area.
Gardening hacks for the not so green fingered
Not everyone is born with green fingers but these tips will have you gardening like a pro.
Creating a healthy, wholesome practical garden
Whether you’re an experienced gardener or not, these practical techniques will help get you started.
Can a veggie garden add value to your home?
Many homeowners are tapping into the green revolution by growing their own produce at home. But does this make your home more attractive to buyers?
Put a new spin on home décor
Gone are the days where bicycles only exist for cycling. Old bicycles are now being used in interesting ways around the home and garden as decorations or to serve a useful purpose.
Bringing houseplants into your life
The trends in houseplants that you need to know about to get your house looking lush and lovely.