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Is South Africa hoisting another red flag that investors need to watch out for? How are you going to be affected by the new property rights and land distribution laws?
 I, like you, am really interested in what's going to happen. To help us get a better handle on this subject, IPS has invited one of South Africa's top economists, Dawie Roodt, and friends to come and debate, as well as, answer all our questions.

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Property rights are a fundamental pillar upon which wealth is built.If this right is destabilised it will really affect all of our futures.

How can you protect your wealth and make sure your children's children are cared for? This question is burning inside of most investors I talk to ...

This is why we have organised a webinar with some of the greatest thought-leaders in South Africa, who are researching this topic.

We plan to debate:

  • What is happening

  • What we need to understand

  • What are the consequences of what is being proposed

  • And, what we need to do about it

The panel is:

Dawie Roodt - Director and Chief Economist of Efficient Group.

Dawie is a nationally renowned economist who specialises in government finance and monetary policy, and enjoys excellent relations with various role-players in the South African economic and financial environment.

Piet le Roux - Senior Researcher of the Solidarity Research Institute

Piet is recognised as one of the foremost thought leaders who has studied the impact of the current land reforms that are proposed in the various statutory changes being promoted.

Hilda Lunderstedt - Non-Executive Chairperson of Imbalie Beauty Limited.

Hilda recently attended presentations on what was being proposed for property rights in South Africa, to understand the impact on her wealth and business. She will express, what is happening, and what we need to understand, be aware of, and consider.

Neale Petersen - Founder and Editor of Real Estate Investor Magazine

Neale is recognised as the industry thought leader and educator on real estate investment in South Africa. He will share his thoughts on the impact of the changes on real estate values.

Scott Picken - is Senior Managing Partner of Wealth Migrate and Founder of IPS

As one of South Africa’s leading global investors, Scott will be leading the debate and trying to understand personally and on behalf of all their clients, what they need to be aware of and factor into Clem Sunter’s scenario planning and ultimately their *Global Property System*, which helps them make educated and informed decisions. Scott also proposes to offer solutions where everyone’s interests can be aligned and we can build the great country we all deserve.

What you will learn from the webinar:

  • Why property rights are under fire in South Africa?

  • The 14 bills, policies and court verdicts that apparently aim to limit, undermine or dismiss property rights outright.

  • The impact of the National Development Plan that proposes to take agricultural land for free or below market value from farmers.

  • The Green Paper on Land Reform and its impacts.

  • Policy by Land Reform Minister, Gugile Nkwinti, who aims to transfer 50% of land to workers commensurate with their years of service, with no compensation being paid to the land owner.

  • Whether the ANC is going to make good on its promises of expropriation.

  • Why this is applicable to all property?

  • What is the strategy that the State is supposedly implementing?

  • What are the best ways to undertake land redistribution without detrimental effects to the economy?

  • Whether transformation and redistribution is being used by the political elite as a mechanism or guise for self-enrichment.

  • What business and property owners need to know and do about what is happening.

  • What ordinary citizens need to do.

  • How real estate crowd funding can resolve this and meet everybody’s needs.

When will the webinar take place:

  • Date: 11th November

  • Time: 7pm South African time

  • Click here to book (please understand that places are limited)

According to AfriBusiness CEO, Cornelius Jansen van Rensburg, the report points out that the ANC government is planning to make good on its promises of expropriation. AfriBusiness has released a report at the conference in which 14 Bills, policies and court verdicts were pointed out that aim to limit, undermine or dismiss property rights outright.
The report also makes it clear that government’s redistribution policy is not only targeting agricultural land but all types of property ownership. “This legislation has been formulated in such a way that a legal precedent is set which will be made applicable to all property,” Jansen van Rensburg said. The strategy is to undermine property rights in a systematic way. The State first limits property rights by means of carefully crafted legislation and then assumes de facto control over property when it is too late to oppose the move.

The bottom line is – you need to know what is happening!

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