Win A Home Season 3 EP59: Selling a lounge

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Win a Home

There's last minute drama with our contestants completing their lounges and Simon Bray chats about the value a lounge adds.

With only one day left before the big lounge reveal, we see how our contestants are doing and Private Property's Simon Bray tells us about the value a lounge adds when selling a home.

The lounge and dining room needs to be inviting, it needs to be warm, and it is of vital importance that these rooms are paid special attention to – as these are spaces we spend most of our time in. Whether it is hosting a dinner party, our reclining with friend, the family, watching the game, or having a cup of tea. Simon Bray, CEO of Private Property, is back in the loft to give us his expert advice, and as a judge of this season’s Win a Home, he will be able to give our contestants some great advise.

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