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Episode 14 - The home loan application process
A financial expert from Nedbank goes through the home loan application process in detail.
Episode 15 - Conveyancing and transfer costs
An attorney explains the transfer costs involved and the conveyancing process for those buying a home.
Episode 13 - Making the offer to purchase
The property experts take you through the process of making an offer to buy a house that you've fallen in love with.
Episode 6: Icare Hospice Makeover
In this episode of Vat Jou Goed en Trek, the team renovate a centre that provides education, meals and shelter for street children.
Episode 7 – Converting a home for a blind couple
Inspired by a social media post that showed a waitress reading to a blind patron, the team undertake to convert a home that a couple want to use as a centre for the blind.
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