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Episode 12 – Job transfer means a quick sale is needed
Property owners Abe and Debbie need to sell their property in PE as soon as possible due to Debbie's job transfer.
Episode 10 - A new lease of life for a cancer survivor
The team spring into action to help cancer survivor renovate and sell her home.
Episode 11 – Small improvements, big results
The challenge for the team this week is to show how small changes can make a big difference when selling an apartment.
Episode 9: An entertainment area to die for
Pretoria couple Henri and Liesel feel that the time has come to move on to new horizons. Henck introduces them to area specialist Marieth Kloppers from RE/MAX Infoglobe who vows to get the home sold
Episode 18 - The debrief
A home buyer sits down with the property experts to talk about her buying journey, and the competition winner is announced.
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