CBC Pretoria – Achieving Excellence in All Spheres of School Life

CBC Pretoria – Achieving Excellence in All Spheres of School Life

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Claire Fraser

CBC Mount Edmund, Pretoria, is an independent Catholic school established in 1922, catering for boys and girls from Grade RRR to Grade 12.

Christian Brothers’ College is ten kilometres from Church Square in the centre of Pretoria, and is easily-recognisable by its large grounds and vast sports fields. A school in the long-standing Catholic tradition, the College has been adaptable – meeting modern standards of education. As such, CBC provides learners with the care and stimulation to endow them with a holistic education. All needs are met in a caring environment, where tradition meets innovation.

Classes at CBC are small, giving learners optimum individual attention where their emotional and academic progress can be assessed consistently throughout their school years. The school provides learners with opportunities to achieve excellence in all spheres, and empowers them to live lives that are motivated, disciplined and values-driven. At CBC, learners are given the skills that they need to meet their potential.

From foundation phase, the educational programme is outcomes-based and fundamental skills are entrenched through concentration on Literacy, Numeracy and Life Skills. As they progress through the intermediate phase and throughout their time at the College, learners are exposed to a number of concepts, skills and opportunities to attain a broad base of knowledge. Technology is utilised throughout the school, in order for learners to benefit as much as possible from modern developments in education. In keeping with this, learners have access to well-equipped computer rooms, and they are encouraged to use this important resource and tool. In addition to this, the school has an on-campus restaurant, where learners who do Hospitality Studies can develop and practise their skills.

Spiritual development is an inherent part of the school lives of children at CBC. The school is historically Catholic-orientated. However, CBC embraces diversity and happily helps all children to nurture a meaningful relationship with God. Through the Edmund Rice Society, learners can extend their values in practice to develop social upliftment programmes.

In terms of the development of the whole child, CBC provides a number of leadership opportunities for learners, and they are encouraged to participate in the curricular and co-curricular activities made available to them through the school. These are as broad as possible to meet the needs of the wide interests of learners. Sportsmen and women at the College are selected into the Southern African CBC sports sides at the culmination of various CBC sports festivals – an institution that is exclusive to the CBC family. CBC learners have also displayed excellence in cultural disciplines, participating in these activities competitively and recreationally on an inter-house and inter-schools basis.


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