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Ben Kelly

The south of Johannesburg does not have the best reputation. This, however, is not an problem that Glenvista has. With average property prices above R1.5 million. Glenvista can hold its own with some of the top suburbs in Johannesburg in terms of property prices.

While the classical south of Johannesburg is often relatively flat, with its boundary market out by the N12 highway, Glenvista, on the other side of the highway is hilly and this is immediately noticeably even by a quick glance at the street map as the road pattern moves from a uniform grid to the contour hugging street plan that provide excellent vistas out to the open land to the south of the city.

It is likely these views that account for the higher property prices but the modern properties and better than average location all contribute to the strong market in the area. The suburb is also bounded by the Glenvista Country Club on the east and the Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve on the West giving it a little more of an insulated feel, rather than being stuck in the middle of suburbia.

Freehold prices in Glenvista have escalated over the past six years but they saw a peak in 2007 when the average selling price was R1.8 million, a price that has now retreated to a more realisitic R1.5 million. Sectional title prices also dipped after the high of 2007 when they hit R814 000, but have since recovered to a point where they are higher than ever before at R913 000. The demographics of the suburb reflect a good balance of the different age groups with almost 80% of stable owners coming in equal proportions from the 36-49 and 50-64-year old age groups with 40% of new buyers coming from the 18-35 age group.

With easy access to two highway onramps at Klipriviersberg and Camaro Road the options for getting to both the east and west are good. You can also get to the centre of Jo’burg relatively easily, but sometimes getting to the north can be a challenge.

Education-wise there are a number of options in reasonable proximity to Glenvista including Mondeor Primary and Glenvista High all close by. St Martins College and Martist Brother’s Linmeyer all also easy to access and there are a number of other government and private schools in the area.

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