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Congratulations! You’ve signed the paperwork and as the proud owner of your first home, you must be eager to settle in. Here's where to start and what to consider, when moving in.

Moving into your own home for the first time can be a little daunting, especially when you’re not sure where to start and with what. Fear not! Apart from the obvious essentials, like your furniture and other personal and household items, we’ve put together a few new home “must-haves” to consider, to get you started.

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1. New security features

Before moving in, it’s a good idea to consider installing new locks as you never know what the previous owners did with their spare keys or who has a copy. You could even consider updating the current security system if you are wanting to feel that little bit more secure in your new home. A safe could also be a good idea, in order to store your important documents and valuables, especially if you are renovating or planning on renovating once you’ve moved in.

2. Cleaning supplies

Easy to forget but hugely essential, stocking up on cleaning supplies is a must when moving into a new home for the first time. During the moving process, you are sure to create mess, as well as find spots that might have been missed by the previous owner. Be sure to have your supplies bought and stored in a handy place so that they’re easy to grab when needed. Supplies to consider include cleaning cloths, paper towels, household cleaners, air fresheners, rubber gloves and cleaning wipes. Also remember a mop, broom and dustpan.

3. Pantry essentials

Another essential must-have to consider when moving into a new home is stocking the pantry. More often than not, the pantry will be empty, and thinking about what essentials you need while moving in as well as what you will use once you’re settled, will stand you in good stead to get cooking straight away. You’re most likely going to start from scratch pantry-wise, so be sure to include all your cooking basics such as sugar, flour, baking aids, cooking oil(s), vinegar, spices and sauces.

4. A toolkit

While you may not be the world’s best handyman or woman, it’s always a good idea to invest in a toolkit for your new home as you never know when the odd DIY job could pop up. A well-stocked toolkit definitely goes a long way towards helping you tackle things around the house as you move in as well as once you’ve settled in, such as putting up photos or assembling new furniture pieces. Don’t forget to include a flashlight and batteries so that you’re well prepared when the lights go out.

5. First-aid kit

Like it or not, accidents are bound to happen, and the moving process increases the chances of a mishap along the way. Having a first-aid kit at the ready is therefore advisable so you aren’t stuck looking for a make-shift plaster or bandage should something happen. Most pharmacies sell already-stocked first-aid kits for your convenience however you can make your own if you’d prefer – just be sure to include items such as bandages, plasters, anti-inflammatories, gauze, disinfectant, cold packs and painkillers. Once settled in, you can add medicines such as cough syrups or headache tablets so you are always well looked after.

6. Additional storage solutions

While your new home will probably come with cupboards, it’s also a good idea to consider what additional storage you may need before moving in or during the unpacking process. Consider things like a new bookshelf in the lounge or toiletry trolley in the bathroom, to make storing your household items easy from day one.

There is a lot to consider when moving into your first home and considering the above perhaps unthought of must-haves will definitely go a long way to ensuring you’ll have everything you need for a smooth and stress-free transition into your first home – and in itself, this is the greatest must-have of them all!

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